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As part of World Environment Day celebrations, students of Canadian International School (CIS) students organized ‘The Garbage Challenge’ to encourage their fellow mates to take measures for environmental conservation and help them understand the importance of going green and showing respect to our planet. As part of the activity, the students cleaned-up an entire lane leading up to their school, and removed mounds of garbage, along with their teachers. Students collected several loads of garbage bags along with their parents, friends, and teachers.

As India’s 1st Apple Distinguished School, Canadian International School has continued to deliver a very high standard of education with an array of subject choices and activities tailored to students’ interests.

Commenting on the noble initiative taken by his students, Mr. Martin Thomas, Elementary School Principal, CIS, said: “As part of the Core ValuesShow “Respect”, a group of students headed out with teachers to participate in “The Garbage Challenge”. In one hour, we collected several bags of garbage and the transformation was amazing!”

Expressing her excitement on the interest shown by her teachers, Ms. Pratibha Sharma, teacher at CIS, said: “It was such a transformational idea. I foresee a cleaner Bangalore already. A small initiative for CIS, a giant movement for Bangalore!”

“Such a wonderful initiative. Well done CIS students and teachers!”, Ms. Flore Louart, CIS parent, said, expressing joy.

Ari Lulla, a Grade 5 student at CIS, felt “respect” was a very important value to uphold. The student said: “It was great to help clean the garbage from near the school. We need to do this as it is important to respect our planet.”

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