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As women continue to take centre stage globally, it’s vital for them to prioritise their health too. With the pandemic, women have had to forego taking care of themselves and their health which took a toll on them mentally and physically. To help women understand more about the dynamics of their health and wellness, Institute of Nutrition and Fitness Sciences (INFS), the largest online fitness institute in India, announces the launch of Women’s Health and Wellness Course commencing on the website from 26th August 2021.

Through this course, women will learn about holistic wellbeing, common clinical and wellness issues and how to address them, scientific knowledge on fertility, pregnancy, postpartum, among others. The weeklong course will cover essential information on legal rights with helpline details for women safety along with numerous aspects of maintaining work-life balance, handling career and children, and improving self-identity. It is designed as a one-stop-shop for all needs of women from a health and wellness perspective.

Commenting on the announcement, Jyoti Dabas, Founder and CEO, INFS, said, “At INFS, we strive to bring global standards of the fitness education industry to India and provide quality education to all. This course aims at addressing health and wellness related issues that women face in their daily lives and educating them on important subjects such as cancer and its related risks, as well as clinical conditions such as PCOD, UTI, and IBS. Through this holistic course, we wish to empower and encourage women to understand their bodies and inculcate a sense of confidence and positivity.”

Dr. Harsha Joshi, Program Director, INFS, said, “Women’s Health and Wellness Course aims to enable and provide women the opportunity to focus on their health and wellbeing by gaining relevant scientific knowledge. Through the course, we will educate them about the importance of overall health and recognize related issues that they may face. The course is self-paced, which makes it easier for women to apply the knowledge learned through the course in their daily lives.”

Pre-recorded videos, downloadable journals, pregnancy diaries and self-reflection questionnaires are some of the tools that are provided as course content.

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