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India Affiliate of Institute of Risk Management, UK, the world leader in professional Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) qualifications across 143 countries, has partnered with Invest India, to launch a free course on “Enterprise Risk Management for Startups”, specially designed to help founders and other stakeholders in the entrepreneurial ecosystem identify and manage enterprise-wide risks including supply chain risks, cyber security risks, reputation risks, financial risks and many more. Registration for the free course will open for Indian entrepreneurs from 26th January 2021.

Discussing the launch of the course, Hersh Shah, CEO, India Affiliate of Institute of Risk Management, UK said, “We are thrilled to introduce the world’s first free ERM course for startups, in collaboration with Invest India, as part of our mission to facilitate the development of a crisis-ready entrepreneurial ecosystem in the country. We are also honoured by this association which recognizes IRM India as a thought leader in enterprise risk management.

Risks are an inevitable yet integral part of entrepreneurship and a structured approach to managing these risks is often ignored in the early stages of business. While none of these risks can be eliminated, it is essential that entrepreneurs learn how to manage uncertainties across departments to protect the objectives and enhance the growth of their business. With increasing business failures and external complexities, it is imperative that startups prepare for disruptions in the future so that they can successfully navigate crises like the Covid-19.”

“Invest India has been working towards strengthening the startup ecosystem, and with the help of corporate partners we are making our startups enterprise ready. Frugal innovations, which form the core of the Indian startup ecosystem, provide a plethora of solutions to combat the socio-economic issues in the country and across the globe. Invest India is committed to ensuring new age innovations drive growth, prosperity & development in New India.”, said Deepak Bagla, MD & CEO, Invest India.

Enterprise Risk Management for Startups consists of 6 modules that have been curated by two of IRM’s senior experts. The course will familiarise participants with the essentials of 360-degree risk management, and teach them how to identify and respond to uncertainties and threats across the value chain. In the wake of the pandemic, even private equity funds and angel investors have started evaluating startups based on their ability to manage risks and crises.

Course Outline:

  • Introduction to Enterprise Risk Management
  • Start-ups and Risk Management
  • What is Risk?
  • Covid-19 Case
  • Risk Management Process
  • How Can Start-ups Implement Risk Management?

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