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Kreative Minds recently conducted Online Art Competition 2020 across the country. The participants registered in this Online Art Competition from across the country and not only Bengaluru. Approximately 100+ participants registered and submitted their artwork.

We divided the competition in 4 age groups with different topics for each group.

4 – 7 years – Favourite Cartoon character

8 – 10 year – Festival of India

11-13 years – Forest

14 – 17 years – History & Heritage

No topics were related to COVID-19 as Kreative Minds wants the world, especially kids of this time, to think beyond COVID-19 and what’s better than creating an artwork where they can express themselves with the help of sketch and colours.

The results were declared on 12th September 2020.

Winners for Art Competition

  • Group 4 to 7 years

1.Aratrika Thileeban.

2.Dhvani Taneja


  • Group 8to 10 years

1.Ananya Goteti

2.Sabhya Tekriwal

3.Devina Mitra

  • Group 11 to 13 years

1.Kaushik Bandi

2.Bhavya Dosi

3.Alekhya Sengupta Banerjee

  • Senior age group – 14 – 17 years:

Yashas – winner & Chanakya – Runner-up has also provided us with their views on their artwork. Their annotation throws light on their work and their style.

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