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Mrs. Alka Kapur, Principal, Modern Public School recently had the distinct honor of being felicitated by Hon’ble Shri Vijay Goel (Vice-Chairman) and Dipankar Shri Gyan (Director) of Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Smriti for her valuable contribution towards “Promoting the Life – Teachings, Values, and Principles of Mahatma Gandhi.”  

It has long been a subject of debate whether we can successfully implement Gandhian values in the present scenario, or are we past the point where turning the cheek is an apt response to someone slapping you. Some believe that the world has changed too much for Gandhian values to be of significance anymore but Mrs. Alka Kapur certainly isn’t among those people. She is a staunch supporter of Gandhian philosophy and works hard to instill the spirit of truth and non-violence among all her students. Following the ideology of Mahatma Gandhi, she has organized several initiatives to help the underprivileged section of the society and remains involved in the activities at the grass root level.

In her speech during the event, she eviscerated the notion that the Gandhian way of life is incompatible with the 21st century and shed light on several traditions that are direct descendants of Mahatma Gandhi’s philosophy. She elucidated that from self-reliance to free education for all children, these giant leaps that we’ve taken in terms of social and economical growth have been directly inspired by Bapu’s thinking.

Mrs. Alka Kapur has been an active participant in such events and is always willing to go a step beyond the call of duty to serve the cause of education. Talking about receiving the award, she said, “Getting a platform to talk about Gandhian values is a reward in itself. I’m extremely grateful to Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Smriti for giving me such a great platform to express my opinions on the subject. I hope my words were able to get through to some people and perhaps will make them look at Gandhian philosophy in a different light. His ideas aren’t just a part of history; they’re working models that can help us improve our society.”

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