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The Language Network aims to offer an affordable and engaging learning experience to students.

“With an online-first approach, we’re encouraging students to learn a foreign language and create awareness about the benefits of being multilingual,” said Siddhi Chokhani, Co-founder of The Language Network.

The Language Network is an EdTech platform that offers Live 1:2 and Group online classes from beginner to advanced level courses in seven foreign languages including French, German, Spanish, Mandarin, Korean, and Japanese. They also have English courses from beginner to advanced levels to educate the blue-collar workers in India. They adhere to the CEFR Levels for all their language courses to ensure a holistic learning experience for their students.

Co-founded by Siddhi Chokhani, Shubham Pille and Pinnac Yeddy in November 2020, this EdTech Startup has taught over 1000 students, 500 currently studying with them and have impacted the lives of thousands more.

“The Education system in India is heavily academic, with very little time and attention given to extracurricular activities. Foreign Language learning is still considered a luxury where most students, even though with tremendous interest in learning a foreign language, don’t have the purchasing power to do so. We aim to deliver live, instructor-led courses by Indian and native teachers at affordable prices to students and also create jobs by placing them in MNCs” said Co-founder Shubham Pille.

With an online-first approach, the startup aims to deliver a comprehensive learning experience with no more than 7 students present in a class and tracking the daily progress of the students. “We ensure we keep a track of our student’s progress, and conduct regular assessments and give self-learning opportunities to all our students. We have a unique methodology and pedagogical approach, to ensure maximum retention and exposure to other cultures. It is an overall development experience for the students.” said Co-founder Siddhi Chokhani.

“The pandemic proved that students are capable of dealing with technology to learn online. Most traditional language schools were forced to teach online. With our online-first, two-way interactive language lessons, we ensure that students have the best learning experience with us. We launched in November 2020, where our first student was a 70-year-old man from Qatar, which showed us we have a global market to cater to and improve the quality of language learning. The quality of education we offer is unmatched and we’re trying to create a shift in this industry, spreading awareness about the cognitive benefits, employment opportunities and cultural benefits of language learning.” said Co-founder Pinnac Yeddy. They are on track to launch Portuguese and Russian courses to the list of languages they offer. They currently cater to the 16+ age group but will be launching for adolescents and kids in August 2021. When asked why they haven’t already, Co-founder Shubham Pille said, “It is a highly operational business model and we want to ensure we provide the best learning
experience to our students. The goal is to develop a seamless learning experience for all age groups and we’re working towards that goal. We have been growing 100% month-on-month and parents trust other parents more than anybody else. We’ve been creating awareness and growing because of referrals and it’s a huge indicator of the quality we offer.”

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