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Marking the celebration of Teachers’ Day on 5th September, EdTech LEAD will host a motivational session by Abhinav Bindra for more than 20,000 teachers, principals & school owners across 2,000+ partner schools.

While our country has seen many successful champions, it’s still incredibly rare to find someone who has succeeded at the highest levels globally and then gone on to create a school to coach/mentor the next generation of winners. Mr. Bindra, the first Indian to win an individual gold at the Olympic Games, often states that while he is happy that he won gold what drives him is to make sure that he is not the only one! This is the same kind of passion that was seen in the school owners across the country who managed to run the schools despite all headwinds, empower teachers and work towards creating the next generation for our country.

Mr. Bindra will share insights into his journey from being an athlete to managing his own academy & mentoring Indian grassroot athletes. He will be talking about his life lessons and experiences both as someone who manages a non-profit academy as well as an athlete, the obstacles that came his way and what helped him stay true to his goals. LEAD will provide the audience with the opportunity to interact with Bindra to address their self-doubts and challenges in a new teaching environment.

To upskill and empower teachers & principals to continue providing excellent learning to students, LEAD is also launching a certification program under LEAD Academy. The program will help them develop a growth mind-set, learn skills to support online teaching and also gain emotional and social support.

LEAD Co-founder and CEO Sumeet Mehta said, “School owners across India have gone through tough times during the pandemic with having to hold the entire ecosystem together as an educator to students & a mentor to teachers. I am sure it will be interesting to hear Mr. Bindra on how he transitioned from being an athlete to a mentor to athletes.

State governments and various other committees are now looking at a roadmap to reopen schools safely and there could be no better gift for our teachers on this special day than reopening schools. The integration of technology in pedagogy will further open up opportunities for young minds, making them future-ready and help them excel in life.”

Isaac Newton famously said that “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.” This Teacher’s Day – LEAD celebrates these unseen giants I.e. school owners and principals whose broad shoulders enable our future line workers to create propulsive learning.

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