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Orchids – The International School organised the National Event “Fanfiction” across its 60+ branches in 11 major cities in India. The event was held on a virtual platform and completely led by the Orchidians.  426 students participated in the zonal round, out of which 135 students made it through the finals.

Fanfiction is an inter-school competition where the participants were to give a presentation and demonstrate a fictional character of their choice. They had to explain why they chose that particular character, including a twist and a fandom motto. The children dressed up as characters to add to their presentation. The participants were extremely confident in the chosen story and the twist. Our STARWARS winners were the judges for the event.

The Orchids’ stars performed remarkably in the competition. The reason behind organising such an event was twofold. One, to encourage students to face their stage fright and boost their confidence, and two, to teach the students who were judging the event how to be unbiased and fair while sharing their views on anything.

Dr Kavita Nagpal, Principal, Orchids- The International School, Masjid Bunder Branch, said, “Fanfiction was a huge success. It was an absolute pleasure to watch our students bring their fictional characters in the most creative ways. I am proud to say that this is another successful effort to provide a holistic approach to both the learning and development of our students. Moreover, the encouraging and positive feedback that we received from the parents gave us motivation to constantly create constructive experiences for our students.”

“I was trying to limit my thoughts and ideas since they were grade 8 students. But when I heard their stories, my mind was blown by the level of creativeness, the way they combined the characters of different genres, for example, one of them even took the character from the Squid game and a character from the 3 idiots movie. They were the legendary source and combined it and made a beautiful story. The level of creativity was just amazing and I even got to learn new things. It was mind-blowing.” commented Tanmay Mutalik Desai, Student, Orchids – The International School, Jalahalli Branch who was one of the judges on the panel.

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