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Cambridge International has announced the winners of its prestigious Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards for 2020-21. This year, 150 Indian students have scooped 177 of the highly sought-after Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards for 2020-21 as compared to 127 students last year.

Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards are the hallmark of exceptional student achievement in Cambridge exams around the world. They recognise students’ achievements in a wide range of Cambridge IGCSE and Cambridge International AS & A Level subjects.

The global awards acknowledge student success in four categories – ‘Top in the World’, ‘Top in Country’, ‘High Achievement Award’ and ‘Best Across Subjects[1]’. Out of 150 unique winners across the country, 26 winners are from Tamil Nadu. In Tamil Nadu, six students have won ‘Top in the World’, 12 students have won ‘Top in Country’ and eight students have won ‘High Achievement Award’.

Altogether, 42 students in India scooped the highly coveted ‘Top in the World’ award, which is awarded to students who achieve the highest marks in the world in a particular subject. In addition, 65 won the ‘Top in Country’ award and 17 won the ‘Best across Subjects’ award.

Mahesh Shrivastava, Regional Director, South Asia, Cambridge Assessment International Education said, “We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the award winners for their spectacular achievements in these exams. This is even more praise-worthy given that the pandemic has continued to disrupt learning around the world, creating a great deal of uncertainty for students and teachers alike. Our students have had to overcome significant internal and external challenges to stay focused on their studies and keep it on track. These awards also recognise their resilience and the winners should be very proud of themselves. I would, on behalf of everyone at Cambridge International, also like to congratulate our schools and teachers and also the parents who have supported our learners and played an important role in their achievements and success.”

Nithya Sundaram, Academic Director, CS Academy International, Coimbatore said, “The much-awaited Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards have brought immense encouragement for the students at our school. The prestigious and globally acclaimed Cambridge curriculum has given our students an edge in the ever-evolving field of education and has helped to hone their 21st century skills which in my opinion are key to building personality and leadership. I am very proud of all the winners who have displayed resilience and grit in taking up academic and personal challenges during these times. I would also like to thank parents and teachers who have provided great support during this period.”

The awards provide an opportunity to recognise the hard work, dedication and outstanding achievements of the very best Cambridge students around the world. The achievements of those who won awards this year are especially impressive, as many of them have had to adapt how they learn when schools were closed, and teaching and learning couldn’t take place face-to-face in a classroom.

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