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Nearly 77,000 students from more than 400 schools across India registered to participate in the second edition of Annual India Maths Day Quiz Competition, making it the largest Maths-focused competition ever organized in India, organizer Countingwell, India’s leading maths-learning app, said today.

25,000 of these students qualified for the final event held on December 22, 2021, commemorating the birth annivesay of the legendary mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan. It concluded with 9 schools taking home the ‘Home of Maths Genius’ Award.

Middle school (Classes 6-8) students from 31 states and union territories participated in the competition, with close to 60% of the students coming from Tier-2 or smaller cities, including Ratlam, Barnala, Bokaro, Daporijo, Poranki, Jakhau, Mon and Valsad, among others. Still, schools from Delhi, Pune, Mumbai and Jaipur witnessed maximum participation of their students.

Nine student winners were awarded with the title of India Maths Genius. Each of them chose their own prize from a range of options, including E-Readers, Tablets, Musical Keyboards, Bicycles, Cricket Kits and Smart Watches.

Mr. Nirmal Shah, co-founder of Countingwell said, “We are pleasantly overwhelmed to see India Maths Day emerge as the country’s largest Maths-focused competition in just its second year, with such enthusiastic participation from students and schools from all parts of India. We congratulate all the winners as well as the participants, and hope that we have been able to help them learn maths in a fun way.”

Among the qualifiers, 1,500 students received scholarships amounting to a total Rs 16 lakhs. In total, awards amounting to a total of Rs 1 lakh were given to the top students. 38 schools won recognition in various categories from highest scores, to girl participation, score improvement and statewise winners. D.A.V. Public School, Chennai, Darbari Lal DAV Model School, New Delhi and Cambridge Court High School, Jaipur were recognized for highest overall scores.

During the competition, students collectively collectively solved over 2,16,000 math problems and spent over 17,500 hours learning new concepts. Dhariya, Class 7 student in Jaipur said, “It was fun practicing mathematics with Countingwell. Even though I loved maths, I used to solve questions with rough formulas I made. Countingwell helped me clear my concepts and took only 30 minutes of my day”.

“Students have participated in the event with utmost enthusiasm and zeal. This only goes to strengthen our core philosophy of Learning-through-Competition wherein students learn best in a healthy competitive but non-intimidating environment,” Mr. Shah added.

This time, schools were given detailed reports of each student who completed the entire process, giving them deep insights into the strengths and learning gaps of each child. 10 schools from outside India, from countries like Japan, UAE, Bangaldesh and Bahrain also participated in this year’s competition.

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