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‘The Class of One’ is an online-only school founded to transform traditional learning frameworks and transform into a school of the future.TCO1 teachers are trained to be the perfect partner for a child’s educational growth. The online school provides a high-quality Oxford Advantage curriculum with cutting-edge digital content and a wide range of extracurricular activities and fitness campaigns. The goal of this online school is to introduce and establish new trends in the delivery of smart online education. In consonance to this goal, one of the staff members Ms. Shivani Bhasin was awarded for best teaching practices in the Northern Zone, India by The Oxford Advantage at the Oxford Advantage Teacher Awards 2021.

These awards recognized teachers who have used the Oxford Advantage curriculum in a remarkably effective and innovative manner over the last year. Recognition was not limited to the top selections but included several categories celebrating best practices in Oxford Advantage classrooms. The All-India competition encouraged teachers to put their best foot forward and inspire other mentors. The evaluation was done using the CENTA framework of teaching competencies as selection criteria. Each video entry was reviewed on the three categories of teaching competencies and mindset or attitudes and beliefs.

Upon receiving such acclaimed honor, Ms. Shivani Bhasin said, “As teachers we must be enabled to remain continuous learners if we have to inculcate the same in our young learners. The world is in a continuous evolving phase and being lifelong learners, ready to incorporate new skills is an imperative virtue.”

Ms. Divya Jain, Director & Founder, The Class of One, congratulated the entire teaching team and said,” Such accolades set an example for students and pave the way for them to learn and adapt to changes more easily. We are grateful to the team of Oxford advantage for providing a platform and are extremely overwhelmed for Ms. Shivani to set a benchmark for peer faculty members.”

TCO1’s current strength of students is around 150, and enrolment is currently open for classes from Nursery to Class 5 for 2021-22 via their official website.

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