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The 2nd Virtual International Karate & Kobudo Championship was successfully held recently in Kolkata, India with the participation of 24 countries from all over the world. This mega event was organised by Shihan Ayan Chakraborty & Traditional Karate-Do Okinawa Kobudo Indo Kyokai, Kolkata, India. The event was filled with more than 600 Karatekas of different age groups. All the participants recorded their home videos and sent them to their instructors. After technical evaluation, the instructors forwarded the same to the organizers None of this would be possible if it wasn’t for the effort of Shihan Ayan Chakraborty 6th Dan Black Belt, who made all the preparations to make this event successful. All the performances are judged by different Grand Masters from Japan, South Africa, Greece, Ireland, Srilanka and Bangladesh, Nepal. The dignitaries appreciated the championship and thanked all the participants who took part from their homes in a disciplined manner.

In this pandemic where children become completely dependent on virtual platforms, they are not able to go out frequently like they did before. Due to this less physical movement, Children are gaining weight and also their life becomes monotonous because they are completely detached from the outer world. But we are organizing this Virtual International Karate and Kobudo the people. This type of virtual platform, where students are engaging in physical activity. Their minds are engaged in some physical activity and online karate helps them to be fit and also gives mental strength and peace that’s why we have organised this International Karate Championship, said Shihan Ayan Chakraborty 6th Dan Black Belt Chief Instructor of Traditional Karate-Do Okinawa Kobudo Indo Kyokai.

Students were participated in this tournament Rishaan Sarkar, Chandril Bhowmick, Aarush Karmakar, Ankan Bhattacharya, Riyana Chakraborty, Barnil Bhattacharya, Sanyo Dhar Ishika Dhar, Tanusree Chakraborty, Mithun Bhattacharya, Samrat Ghosal, Ritabrita Manna, Priyansu Roy Chowdhury, Aariona Roy Chowdhury, Chaitanya Kaul.And they received Gold, Silver and Bronze medal

Shihan Ayan Chakraborty Dan Black Belt Chief Instructor of Traditional Karate-Do Okinawa Kobudo Indo Kyokai said We are only one karate organisation from Kolkata, we bring the international foreign instructor to Kolkata for the training of our students, Like in 2019 we bring Hanshi Eric Govender, 8th Dan Black Belt from South Africa and in 2020 Hanshi Masanabu Sato 9th Dan Black Belt from Japan he came to Kolkata for Training purpose

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