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The Acres Foundation is venturing to help new schools set up their educational practices, while assisting existing ones to implement groundbreaking educational approaches. As the education sector continues to evolve at a rapid pace, it’s the best time to lead the change India needs, through cutting-edge education.

The Acres Foundation Research & Innovation Centre, The Acres Foundation Leadership & Education Institute, and The Acres Foundation Schools offer a complete three-pronged ecosystem to start a school with global standards. Introducing educational models relevant to India, it is focused on the business growth and development of upcoming educational institutions.

For institutions that become educational partners/franchises, The Acres Foundation assists them in establishing a global-standard school. From offering a proven school model, ready intellectual capital, budgeting, instant expertise to speed to market, brand equity, and a good education partner brand—The Acres Foundation powers schools that are not only successful but also trailblazing.

It aims to provide a powerful and accessible 21st century education for future change makers. As Mr. Rohan Parikh, Managing Director at The Acres Foundation, says: “Anyone can build a school, many can build a good school, but it takes an army of knowledge, experience, and dedication to build a great school. Why should any child get less than that?”

At present The Acres Foundation is running Mumbai’s top emerging The Green Acres Academy (ICSE) and the highly-acclaimed Seven Rivers International School (IGCSE), that tap into its rich experience to institutionalize new ideas and evolve with changing times.

A think tank devises pioneering educational approaches that are in line with the Indian educational system. The Acres Foundation school model includes ready-to-use content and curriculum, teacher-leader recruitment and development, safe and conducive learning environment, parent and community engagement, amongst other focus areas. It also offers ready intellectual capital and expertise across fields.

With more private players entering the field, and the government taking a major measures to improve the quality of education in India. Education is fast evolving and has always been an important pillar for the development of the society. The Acres Foundation is striving and working to become a beacon shaping the universe of quality education.

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