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‘The Class of One’, an online-only school celebrated National Science Day, with the theme of ‘I Wonder Why Week’ to promote curiosity and inquisitiveness among the young learners. The teachers at TCO1 organized this activity with the objective to widen the imagination perspective of young learners. ‘I Wonder Why Week’ activity saw the participation of students from Classes 1 to 5

As India progresses as a nation, it can’t be denied that ‘Science’ has a vast importance in our lives that makes world sustainable and technology driven at the same time. The activities planned for students involved working on facts, theories and experiencing a real life phenomenon through week long dedicated activities. Learners participated in demonstrating different fun science experiments during the week and made relevant observations and inferences. The week-long activities helped enhance observational and critical thinking skills and provided the students to experience the nature and behavior of the material and physical universe through this greatest collective endeavor called Science Day.

Divya Jain, Director & Founder, The Class of One said, “The pandemic’s two years have prepared the path for greater opportunities and unique learning perspectives. Key lessons during the entire year of 2021 have been the digitalization of education which will continue to play a vital role in the teaching-learning process. Online education added flexibility in choosing the schedules best suited to students and promote self-paced learning. We at TCO1 ensures to make the best of these possibilities via students’ engagement in variety of activities on special days such as National Science Day, as well as in regular classes.”
TCO1 is partnered with renowned programs like Torrins, Furtados and Fitness 365, Razplus, for children’s encouragement.

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