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The Shri Ram Wonder Years, preschool situated in Rohini, has celebrated Halloween Week, with the theme “Halloween spooky costume parade 2021” with attractions like Spooktacular costumes, scary costume party, and zombie walk. Students enthusiastically participated in activities like Ramp Walk, Kids Zone, Spooky Costume Parade 2021, Spooktacular Halloween Non-Fire Cooking, Zombie Walk, etc.

Halloween is a European country tradition, where people disguise themselves as ghosts in quirky costumes, with a belief that this will keep them away from the evil spirits. Halloween spooky costume parade 2021 celebrated in The Shri Ram Wonder Years included both online and offline activities named Witchy Friday and wacky Saturday. Students were seen dressed up in Dracula and vampire dresses during the ramp walk. The school also conducted different activities for different age groups. The series of week- long activities ended up with exciting prizes and lots of fun.

Ms. Sumedha Goel, Director, The Shri Ram Wonder Years, Rohini elaborating upon the school’s practice to make their students globally competent and aware said, “Our students actively participated in the Halloween Week activities. They had a lot of fun and learnt about the distinct culture followed in foreign countries. The Halloween celebration due to its spooky elements has become quite a trend for the past several years in India. With the activities being a mix of online and offline, students have undergone an experience based activity, which will stay be forever imprinted in their minds.”

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