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The Corona Crisis has shown the power of technology to one and all and since the rise of the pandemic was sudden, nobody was ready for it. The education sector took the way to go digital but was faced with numerous security issues where the meeting links got shared with unauthorized users, who became anonymous troublemakers during a session.

TriByte, a leading B2B LMS provider, in a strong move to provide security to learners and educators, has launched the ‘TriByte Meeting Client’. This is available as an App for Windows Android, and iOS. This native client is based on the ZOOM SDK. allowing faculty to conduct Live classes without being disturbed by nuisance mongers. This enhancement is nothing less of a boon to the education sector and allows the Institute or faculty to control the permissions and privileges for student/participants access when they join the session.

 Some of the key features are:

·       Enhanced Security

o   Validated & Authenticated login: Only students whose login ID is recorded in the LMS can join

o   Enforced Single Session:  If a second student joins with the same credentials, then the first one will be auto-logged off.

·       Delivery Controls

o   Learner Display Name and Attendance tracking will be as per the clients’ defined convention

o   The Administrator can choose the feature­­s to be enabled/disabled (e.g. Gallery View or Speaker View, Annotation etc)

The core team at TriByte has been constantly innovating on the challenges and needs of the market. TriByte Technologies has now solved scaling the delivery of learning material in a cost-effective and secure model. The team is working on improving the learner outcomes and engagement using Adaptive Learning and improving efficiency using AI through Learn-bots and other models. Going forward, the company’s core values and principles will continue to be the unshakable foundation as we carry out our vision with all the learnings and work towards being a market disruptor.

According to Seethaprasad Mandikel, Founder, TriByte, “This pandemic has been a reality check for the education industry, where we found that security in online education is a major concern. Hence we decided to introduce an App that will solve the educator’s hassle. TriByte’s Client Meeting App is nothing less of a boon to the education sector and allows the Institute to control the permissions and privileges for student access when they join sessions. With that, the faculty can concentrate on teaching, rather than struggle with technology”

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