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Kreative Minds has recently hosted online Fancy Dress and Art & Craft Competition on the occasion of Republic day 2021 although the celebration done in Virtual but they celebrated with same excitement and fun as always. Only this time the celebration was done in their virtual classes. Each learner had dressed up as some Social worker, politicians, freedom fighters, farmers, doctors and what not.  They also made art & craft based on Republic day of India. They showcased their talent in form of art, craft and the way they had dressed to show their patriotism. They also spoke about why they chose a particular person and what or who they were and are and what roles they played in our Country and how they are all proud to be an Indian.

“Its was great moment for me while watching them, so we have chosen winners in each batch to make it exciting for all learners “said Amrita Tiwary Founder of Kreative Minds

Dress Competition

  • Pre-beginners: 1st: Aria Dev; 2nd Misheeta
  • Beginners 1: 1st Aaryav Vidyarthi; 2nd Varsha Hari
  • Beginners 2: 1st Stuti Pathak; 2nd Shurjo Mohan
  • PP 1&2: 1st Utkarsh Reddy; 2nd Karunapriya A
  • 1st Year: 1st Devananda Nair; 2nd Shivansh Agarwal
  • 2nd Year: 1st Tisha Taneja; 2nd Bhavya Dosi

Art & Craft Competition

  • Beginners 1: 1st Aratrikaa; 2nd Ezhil Kumaran
  • Beginners 2: 1st Siddhi Agarwal; 2nd Shravya
  • PP 1&2: 1st Aira Ann; 2nd Utkarsh Reddy
  • 1st Year: 1st Devina Mitra; 2nd Harinii
  • 2nd Year: 1st Yashas; 2nd Aadhya

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