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The online platform has become the teaching and learning mode globally now. KIIT World School has organized a webinar for parents on ‘ How to help your child in online classes?’. The key speakers were Ms. Charu Bajaj, the founder of ‘Skills and You’, Ms. Shambhavi, an educator, trainer, and image consultant and Mrs. Neelima Kamrah, Principle of KIIT World School. The webinar began with a presentation on nourishing children. The session was focused on how a parent’s belief system affects the nurturing of a child.

During the session Founder of Skills and You Charu Bajaj emphasized the importance of the parent’s involvement in the online classes. She said, ‘Parenting is a journey that has two wheels -parent and teacher. Sensitizing the students to the present Co-vid scenario and enabling them to move out from their comfort zone to the zone of learning should be the main intent of the parents. All the queries of parents were addressed in the webinar’.

Dr. Neelima Kamrah , Principle of KIIT World School said, “Parenting is just like gardening because from little seeds, grow mighty trees. The perspective of the little one depends on how you have shaped it.”

The webinar concluded with a wonderful message to the parents on identifying the learning behavior of the child by Shambhavi she said,“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.”

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