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The extension of lockdown till 3 May to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in India will adversely affect most of the industries in India, especially the education sector. Considering the safety of students, teachers and other staff members, most of the educational institutions are in favor of the lockdown extension. However, there are some important concerns and worries among parents and teachers that the policymakers of the nation need to address. We caught up with some of the leading institutions in the Delhi-NCR region to know what they think about the lockdown extension. Here are their words that matter.

Nidhi Bansal, Pro-Vice Chairperson, Pacific World School, Greater Noida
Nidhi Bansal

“The extension of lockdown by our PM has been a measure taken in lieu of the safety of the entire nation. We are glad that our children and staff are safe in their homes. Although, the need of the hour has become relief measures for the entire education sector. With schools switching to online classes and modules, the entire learning system has undergone a drastic change. Teachers and students are adapting to the altered system for letting students have a smooth academic future. We really expect CBSE to issue some guidelines for school management as well as students in order to lend support and guidance for the way forward.”

Pallavi Upadhyaya, Principal, DPS Rajnagar Extension, Ghaziabad
Pallavi Upadhyaya

“In the wake of COVID-19 and to ensure the safety of all citizens, our honourable PM had to extend the nationwide lockdown. While we are hoping to recover from this illness soon; the impact it is having on education institutions is severe. The 21-day period itself in its beginning days was utilized in developing coping mechanisms for the smooth functioning of the academics, which took a toll on the institution’s finance and budgets. This extension will be hampering the situation further. We want the Ministry for Human Resource Development to make some prompt policy decisions related to the changing ecosystem of learning which can prove useful for institutions as well as the parents.”


Sangeeta Hajela, Principal, DPS Indirapuram
Sangeeta Hajela

“The extended lockdown has increased the pressure of completing the syllabus and ensuring a balanced curriculum for the students. The April-June time period is the class promotion period in most schools. Students move to upper grades; these are times when they need teachers’ assistance the most to form a good base. Amid COVID-19 they are in a perplexed state, and we are hoping Central Board of Secondary Education to chart out some guidelines for parents and students so that the student’s academic growth is not hampered.”

Priyanka Barara, Principal, Delhi International School
Priyanka Barara

“Our school authorities welcome the extended lockdown decision from government as it upholds the safety of our students and staff. We are hoping and praying for the whole nation to come out of this illness soon. As they learn from home model comes with its several challenges and inhibitions, we await CBSE’s intervention to guide us, so we sail through this situation. The future of each student is important and depends on his thought process, and we are ensuring in every possible way that our children continue to learn. We are grateful for all the support we have received from MHRD and CBSE have extended to the schools in this current situation.”

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