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WizKlub, a holistic cognitive development edtech startup that builds excellence for school children through its HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills) and SmartTech programs, has announced an international olympiad to gauge cognitive skills of lakhs of participating children. The assessment will cover Logical Thinking Skills, Comprehension Skills, Critical Thinking Skills, Quantitative & Problem Solving Aptitude and offer scholarships of upto Rs. 65 lakhs worth to winners.

The test has three stages – Prelims at the school level, Quarter finals at zonal level and the Grand Finale at an international level. Over 3 lakh students are taking part in the Olympiad and have a chance to win scholarships worth over INR 65 lacs. Scholarships will be given in the form of vouchers for Cognitive & Technology Excellence Programs from WizKlub and can be utilized towards buying Online Programs or IoT / Robotics Kits. Every participating student gets a personalized Cognitive Achievement Report (CAR). The objective of CAR is to share with the student and his/her parents, analysis of the student’s results bench-marked on Global Standards. CAR also helps the student understand his/her strengths and areas of improvement.

WizKlub will also share a CAR summary report with the participating school. If an adequate number of students from a school qualify for the International Level, the school also gets a Certificate of being a Centre of Cognitive Excellence.

Commenting on the Olympiad, Amit Bansal – Founder & CEO, WizKlub, said, “It is too late to assess a student’s core strength areas when they are past 9th grade. With the HOTS Olympiad, we want to create awareness among parents and schools on the critical nature of cognitive assessment at an early age. The format of HOTS Olympiad is fun, visual based and in interactive quiz format for kids, and not like any other exam. Every kid has strengths that often go unnoticed in the course of curriculum-based education. We believe it is crucial to engage kids in ways of learning where their core competencies are developed in a measurable manner. With this olympiad we are confident that many parents and schools will see the value in assessing their kids for cognitive capabilities on global benchmarks.”

The Olympiad has commenced with participation from over 100 prominent schools from across India. Participants can continue to self register or register via their respective schools for Rs. 599. The Grand Finale is expected to be held in the early weeks of February 2021.

WizKlub was founded in February 2018 by serial entrepreneur Amit Bansal to improve cognitive skill development among young kids. WizKlub’s HOTS and SmartTech programs develop cognitive skills in children aged 5-15 years through an AI-powered tech platform that delivers a personalised learning path for every child. The startup has progressed 5000+ children through its programs.

Global movement of education towards value-based learning, and rewarding career opportunities towards aptitude-based skills has sparked the need for such supplementary assessments for Indian students who otherwise grow up in an environment dominated by “rote learning”.

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