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Pertaining to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) recent announcement to conduct boards in two terms, India’s pioneer institute IIT-JEE and NEET Preparations, Vidyamandir Classes organized a workshop on MCQ based question paper design in association with Sahodaya Group.

Since the pattern of the exam will be significantly new with respect to last year with fresh variations, we ought to train our students in a way that they can adapt and excel with the emerging style. In order to effectively do so, we have to first coach our faculty.

Keeping in view the changing trend laid down by CBSE, training sessions were organized by VMC. A huge gathering of over 350 teachers from 60 different schools was witnessed.

The event was graced by Ms. Jyoti Arora, Vice-President, Delhi Sahodaya Schools Complex and President-Indraprastha School Sahodaya, and Ms. Pooja Arora, Secretary-Sahodaya Group.

In the special scheme introduced by CBSE for the Academic session 2021-22, the boards will be conducted in two terms, with each exam covering 50% of the syllabus. While term 1 will be conducted in November – December, term 2 will be scheduled in March-April.

Mr. Saurabh Kumar, Director- Academics, VMC, addressed the Rules of Objective Question Framing. This was followed by a subject-wise discussion which consisted of the many questions that needed clear and concise answers, which the team of VMC effectively carried out. The session on Physics was taken by Mr. Deepak Gupta, Chemistry by Mr. Mayank Lariya, Mathematics by Mr. Animesh Kumar & Mr. Nitish Agarwal, and Biology session by Ms. Pamela Sinha, Dr. Abhimanyu, and Ms. Sanjana Jain.

The 1st term will include MCQs from assertion-based, comprehension based and case study-based questions and will be held for 90 minutes. Whereas the 2nd term to be conducted in March-April will have questions in different formats including case-based, situation-based, open-ended questions in both short and long answer format.

The two 90 minute sessions each for classes X and XII were conducted separately by the accomplished team of VMC. The team majorly focussed on practicing fair and ethical ways while framing the MCQs. The do’s and don’ts pertaining to the above-mentioned were discussed at length.

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