Dr. Lilian Bacich

Senior Educationist, Author, Keynote Speaker, Co-founder - Tríade Educacional,

Senior Educationist,
Author, Keynote Speaker,
Co-founder – Tríade Educacional

Dr. Lilian Bacich is a passionate senior educator and the co-founder of Tríade Educacional, a Brazilian educational consulting firm focused on implementing blended and active learning practices.

She has 28 years of experience in working with basic education, undergraduate and graduate education and is Coordinator of the Active Learning Post Graduation Course at Instituto Singularidades.

Lilian produces educational material for several institutes and foundations. Lilian has published 2 books, “Ensino Híbrido: personalização e tecnologia na educação” and “Metodologias ativas para uma educação inovadora” and those are very popular among teachers in Brasil.

She believes that changing the mindset to use technology and active learning in favor of the school and teaching depends on personalized teacher training. She knows that this process is not easy and engaging teachers to implement an innovative and personalized project involves all the school community.

Lilian has been invited to attend numerous Brazilian events as a key speaker.

She holds a doctorate degree in School and Human Development Psychology from University of São Paulo (USP).