Elena Shramkova

English and Literature teacher, Owner of “The Smart Teens Studio of English” in Belgorod,

English and Literature teacher,
Owner of “The Smart Teens Studio of English” in Belgorod,

Elena Shramkova is an English and Literature teacher with over 30 years of teaching experience from Russia. She also owns “The Smart Teens Studio of English” in Belgorod, Russia.

She has graduated from Kharkov State University, Foreign Languages Department, Kharkov, Ukraine and conferred a University Diploma of proficiency in the English Language and Literature.

She is a Certified Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert, Skype Master Teacher, Teacher Trainer and AKS Global Teacher Award 2019 Winner,

Being an innovative educator, she tries to develop the 21st-century skills such as collaboration, critical thinking, communication and creativity by utilizing the current education supported platforms like Skype in the classroom, Flipgrid, Wakelet, Kahoot, Sway, PowerPoint and others amplifying her students’ voice and helping them to become global citizens.

She organizes international Skype calls with classes and educators from different countries and continents collaborating on different projects, sharing ideas and working out possible solutions. To raise students’ awareness of the diversity and specific features of cultures, they share their cultural heritage by performing their national songs and dances, playing national musical instruments, cooking national dishes online. Lots of local community members are involved in their activities, too. Their most favorite activity is a Box Exchange Project when students exchange their national items sending boxes to each other. To promote these ideas, she became an ELT Conference Speaker sharing her experience with other teachers from Russia and around the world. She has created a personal educational platform to help students get ready for their National English exams, in 2015.

Elena Shramkova is a lifelong learner and regular presence in national and internal conferences as an attendee and as a speaker.