Hidekazu Shoto

Innovative English and ICT Teacher, Author,

Innovative English and ICT Teacher,

Hidekazu Shoto is an innovative educator from Japan. He works at Ritsumeikan Primary School, Kyoto, Japan. His teaching career started at High school and later he moved to junior high school.

Hidekazu is an Award-winning educator. He is recognized as a Global Teacher by Microsoft for using technology in the classroom for better teaching & learning. They have awarded him Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert certification in 2016. He also got a Minecraft Education Award which is Microsoft’s most prestigious award in Education for improving learnings in the classroom.

He was nominated as one of the Global Teacher Prize 2019 Top10 finalists for his innovative & outstanding contribution to education. His method of using technology in his English class has a big impact on the education system in Japan.

Shoto has published 4 books and those are very popular among teachers in Japan.

He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Foreign Language (English) from Kansai Foreign Language University, Osaka, Japan and a Master Degree in Foreign Language Education at Kansai University, Osaka, Japan.