AI enabled Personalized Learning for COVID Pandemic Recovery

Ms. Sacks-Mandel is the Worldwide Chief Technology and Transformation Officer at Microsoft for the education industry. Prior to joining Microsoft, she was the Chief Information Officer at two unique, technically-advanced large public-school districts where she enabled student centric teaching and learning, which resulted in significant improvements in student outcomes....


Prime School International in Portugal: Leading the Way in Shaping Global Citizens

Established in 2006, Prime School International is a day and boarding school that offers a comprehensive and exceptional educational experience for students aged 3 to 18. The school strives to create a dynamic and inclusive learning environment that equips students with the necessary skills, knowledge, and global perspectives to...

St Edward’s College, Malta: Where Heritage and Horizon Converge

In the enchanting Mediterranean island nation of Malta, a school stands tall, embracing a rich heritage while embracing modernity and global perspectives – St Edward’s College, where the pursuit of Virtus et Honor (virtue and honor) is not merely a motto but a way of life that shapes exemplary...


Senior and Middle Leadership Roles in Leading Future Success in K-12 Schools

Dr. Mina Radhwan has a Ph.D. degree in leadership and management in education and a master’s degree with a degree of excellence in science education. She works as an educational evaluator at the Ministry of Education. She is a key member of the evaluation team, visiting schools across the...


Stepping Away to Step Up: Limitations and Liberation

Katie is a dynamic and forward-thinking educational leader, with over 20 years of experience, in the K through 12 academic landscape. She has worked in public, private, and charter schools in Chicago’s inner-city, in the capacity of teacher, technology coordinator, new teacher mentor, instructional coach, Danielson teacher evaluator, and...


Alice in Wonderland

Diana officially became a teacher in 2000, although she has memories of teaching a group of dolls in her room when she was 7-years-old; and has been working mostly as an Early Childhood Educator and Primary School Teacher in six countries, including South Africa, England, Gran Canaria (Spain), Italy,...


Revolutionary Technologies to Easily Create 3D Content in the Metaverse Era

A former PK-8 math teacher turned technology integration specialist, Jaime Donally has spent more than a decade at the classroom and district levels thinking about how educators can practically use augmented, virtual, and mixed realities. In her current role as an independent education consultant, she provides professional development on...

Eton College

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Le Rosey

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Prime School International in Portugal

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