Nurturing Global Citizens and Fostering Inclusive Leadership

In Vancouver, Canada, within the walls of Stratford Hall, an IB World School, a remarkable journey unfolds. Isabel Sankaran-Wee, the Deputy Head of School for Advancement and Strategy, is an inspiring leader who has seamlessly transitioned from the bustling world of media to the dynamic realm of education. Isabel’s...


J. Addison School: Nurturing Minds, Fostering Diversity, and Inspiring Success

In September 2002, J. Addison School began its journey with only eight students in a modest office building located in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. By the end of their third year of operations, the school had grown to over 100 full-time students, demonstrating remarkable progress. The move to their current...

La Citadelle International Academy of Arts & Science: Inspiring Growth and Global Vision

The inception and evolution of La Citadelle International Academy of Arts & Science form a narrative of visionary ambition, unyielding determination, and remarkable growth. Conceived by its founder with foresight, the school’s genesis was marked by a dedication to Canadian bilingualism, holistic education, and an unwavering pursuit of excellence....

Sun Valley Community School: Nurturing Critical Thinkers and Impactful Leaders

Nestled in the breathtaking landscapes of the Wood River Valley, Sun Valley Community School (SVCS) is not just an educational institution; it’s a living testament to innovation and adventure. Established in 1973 by a group of visionary families and the remarkable Sam Hazard, the school’s journey began in the...

The American School of Milan (ASM): Nurturing Excellence, Celebrating Diversity, Shaping Tomorrow

The American School of Milan (ASM) is a renowned international school in Milan, Italy, offering a world-class education to students from diverse backgrounds. Established in 1962, ASM was founded on providing an American-style education that fosters academic excellence, cultural diversity, and global citizenship. With a commitment to nurturing each...


Leveraging ChatGPT to Enhance Teachers’ Pedagogical Innovation and Sustain Students’ Learning

Dr. Areej ElSayary is a distinguished expert with a multifaceted background in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM), encompassing curriculum design, teaching methodologies, assessment strategies, and schools accreditation. Her profound knowledge and experience extend to her role as a certified associate of the Blackboard Academy, a recognized Fellow...


Unearthing Pedagogy: Recitative to Reasoned Practice

Dr. Colm Dooley is a school leader, teacher, teacher educator, student, and researcher. His primary research interests are in curriculum and teacher education with a specific focus on pedagogy. He was the 2020 inaugural recipient of Maynooth University School of Education’s Professor John Coolahan Scholarship Award and completed his doctoral studies...


AI and Student Data: A Better Path for K-12 Education

As a seasoned Director of Technology and Chief Technology Officer with nearly two decades of experience, Anthony De Prato has successfully led numerous enterprise-level IT projects, fostered strong vendor relationships, and developed cutting-edge curricula in robotics, STEAM, and computer science. His expertise in data analysis enables him to make...

What Leadership Style Should New Leaders Adopt?

John Schembari, Ed.D. is a New York City metropolitan area school improvement coach and former school/district administrator. John provides one-on-one and group coaching supports around K-12 teacher pedagogy, curriculum, assessment, and leadership development. Currently, he partners with the Center for Educational Innovation, Fordham University, CUNY/Brooklyn College, NJPSA, TNTP, and...

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J Addison School (Canada)

La Citadelle International Academy of Arts & Science (Canada)

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