Chartwell International School: Transforming Hearts and Minds with Cognitive Science and SEE Learning

In the world of education, where the thirst for knowledge has transcended generations, the fusion of cognitive science with teaching practices has become our guiding star. It’s not just about studying the mind; it’s about revolutionizing how we learn and teach. And in this ever-evolving landscape, Chartwell International School...


Colegio Hacienda Los Alcaparros: Transforming Today’s Students into Tomorrow’s Leaders & Engaged Citizens of the World

Colegio Hacienda Los Alcaparros (CHLA) is a Colombian private school located in La Calera. It educates children and young people through an educational project based on ethical, humanistic, scientific, and aesthetic principles. The project embraces a human development perspective that respects differences and individual processes. The aim is to...

Colegio Tilatá: Nurturing Innovation, Virtues, Personalized Learning, and Global Citizenship

Colegio Tilatá is a renowned educational institution located in the outskirts of Bogotá, Colombia. It was founded in 1992 by the esteemed educator María Isabel Casas, who had a clear vision of providing quality education to the students. Her passion for philosophy, critical thinking, ethics, human values, and love...

Gimnasio Campestre La Fontana: Shaping Future Leaders through Parent-School Bonding

Gimnasio Campestre La Fontana, nestled in the picturesque Eastern Plains of Colombia, stands as a beacon of academic excellence and holistic growth. This institution finds its home just a brief 5-minute drive from Villavicencio, the capital city. Embracing the region’s natural wonders, replete with flourishing flora and diverse fauna,...


The Future of American Education: A Teacher’s Role

Manuel Hernandez was born in Sleepy Hollow, New York. He completed undergraduate studies at the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus in 1986 and finished a Master’s in Education from Herbert H. Lehman College (CUNY) in the Bronx, New York in 1994. He taught in the public schools...


5 Innovative Ways a Business Transforms Existing Space into a Hybrid School

Chase Eskelsen M.Ed. is an educator of more than 15 years with experience in digital education ranging from full-time online school administration to launching hybrid schools as the COO of an education nonprofit.  In between the full-time online schools and the hybrid schools he worked in academic policy and...

Reading is Fundamental, So is Math

Dr. Nkechi Fluker is a director and educator in the virtual learning environment in the United States. She also does work as a content writer/subject matter expert, author, and educational consultant for educators and parents. She has worked within the educational field for 15 years, with 11 years as...

When All the Paper is Gone

Having been fortunate to live a quality life by Allah’s (swt) grace, Bill Horniak has had many travels, both figuratively and literally. As a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, a father of two grown children, a high school athletic coach, a classroom educator, and currently, an educational...

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