International Sharing School: Experience Learning through Sharing

Portugal has over 50 international schools across its seven major cities. Among them, International Sharing School (ISS), located in Lisbon, is the only international school in Portugal that takes students from 4 months old all the way up to 18 years old. Miguel Ladeira Santos, CEO of ISS, says,...


Concord College: Delivering a Culture of Academic Excellence & Joyful Learning

Based in Shropshire, England, Concord College is an award-winning independent international school for day and boarding students. The College is both academically selective and adaptable to students’ own background in the selection. It is also holistic, ensuring that students are nurtured as whole individuals. Girls and boys between the...


Integrating Virtual Technology in Education

Based in Dubai, UAE, Max Hsu is the regional director for ViewSonic Operations in the Middle East and Africa since 2018. In 2001 Max started his career in the electronics field by joining Delta Electronics, and in 2002 Max joined BenQ Corporation as PM and was then promoted to...


Developing STEM Teachers for the Future: A CPD Approach for 2023

Alex Gray is a resident of Dubai, holding a master’s degree in education and serving as the Head of Science at a Dubai British School. In addition to his professional achievements, Alex is a talented speaker and author, known for creating engaging and informative content. Whether through social media...


ART=SCIENCE: Realising the Value of the Art-Science Polymath

Ryan Joel Brown is an Interdisciplinary Educator/Writer and Director of Music and the Performing Arts at an international school in the UAE. He has taught professionally in a range of subjects, using concepts of each to inform others, constantly striving to share the interconnected aspects of these fields. He...

Educating Generation Alpha

Carl Morris is the Principal of Carfax College, Oxford, and Co-Founder of The Online School. Carl’s belief in the importance of making education engaging is to inspire a future generation into the world of work and careers they love. As the Principal of Carfax College Oxford, & Head of...

The Education of Second Language Learners: A System in Plausible Deniability

Manuel Hernandez is a teacher in Florida who developed an after-school writing club for ESOL students and mentored them as they edited and published a collection of essays about their journeys to the United States. After two consecutive publications, Hernandez helped students align...

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