St. Andrew’s Grammar: Where Diversity, Excellence and Tradition Converge

Founded in 1990 by the Hellenic Community of Western Australia, St. Andrew’s Grammar has been a symbol of quality Greek Orthodox education, preserving language and culture for families of Greek Heritage. Key community figures, such as Mr. Emanuel Petrelis, Mr. Athanasios Limnios, and Mr. Tony Missikos, played pivotal roles...


All Saints’ College: Shaping a Diverse and Empathetic Generation

Established in 1981 as Perth’s first co-educational independent school in four decades, All Saints’ College has evolved into a national leader in co-education. What began with a modest cohort of around 100 students in Years 7 and 8 has flourished into a vibrant institution with graduates proudly known as...

Green School New Zealand: Nurturing Tomorrow’s Sustainable Leaders

Imagine a school where the architecture breathes with the rhythm of nature, where every corner is bathed in the soft glow of natural light, and where the very design of the buildings sparks curiosity and creativity in every student, parent, and teacher who walks through its doors. Welcome to...

Queen Margaret College: Empowering Excellence in Girls’ Education Since 1919

In the heart of Wellington, New Zealand, there exists a prestigious institution with a rich history and an unwavering commitment to girls’ education.  Queen Margaret College (QMC), founded in 1919 by the visionary Scottish Presbyterian leaders, The Hon. John Aitken and The Very Rev. Dr. James Gibb, has remained...

Rangitoto College: Where Dreams Soar and Leaders Emerge

Nestled on the stunning North Shore of Auckland, Rangitoto College has been shaping young minds since 1956. Picture this: a sprawling 23-hectare campus with breathtaking views of the Hauraki Gulf. It’s a place where students from 13 to 18 years old come together to embark on a remarkable educational...


Thinking About Being A School Principal? What Are You Waiting For?

Dr. Alex Rivera is the proud principal of the George A. Jackson Elementary School in Jericho, NY, where he works with a diverse student population of 480 students. The school is recognized as one of the highest-performing elementary schools in New York State, with proficiency on standardized assessments ranging...

Unlocking the Power of Entrepreneurial-STEM Learning: Essential Tips for Schools to Shift STEM Paradigms from Invention to Entrepreneurship

Dr. Marwa Eltanahy is an assistant professor in the field of science education and works currently in the Higher Colleges of Technology as a faculty in education. She has an extensive experience in the educational field with specific expertise in teaching, coordination, training educators, and accreditation. In addition to...


Unleashing the Power of AI

Dr. Susan Borden has been serving both public and private schools in the USA, Middle East and Japan.  She will be starting her 30th year in education this fall.  She has consistently served as a change agent leading schools to perform at higher levels during periods of enrollment growth. ...


Building Diverse Teacher Populations: Pathways to Equitable Education

Dana Bryson’s desire to improve urban life has shaped her career. With over 25 years in public, start-up, and non-profit sectors, she has advocated for communities of color working to increase social sector outcomes and shareholder value. In her current role as Senior Vice President of Social Impact at...

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