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Established in 1981 as Perth’s first co-educational independent school in four decades, All Saints’ College has evolved into a national leader in co-education. What began with a modest cohort of around 100 students in Years 7 and 8 has flourished into a vibrant institution with graduates proudly known as “Old Saints.”

As an institution rooted in Anglican values, All Saints’ College is resolutely non-selective, celebrating the rich tapestry of its student body. Here, diversity is not just a concept; it’s embedded in the College’s DNA. Students of varying genders, abilities, cultures, faiths, interests, and aspirations converge to create a dynamic community that mirrors the world they will eventually serve.

Principal Belinda Provis encapsulates the College’s philosophy: “To this end, and in collaboration with a network of partners, the College curates a rich, ‘personalisable’ learning environment in which students develop a deep and authentic, empathetic and ethical perspective.” This vision extends beyond the confines of traditional education. All Saints’ students are encouraged to step into ‘real-world’ settings, co-authoring a future that values creative collaboration and meaningful connections.

In close partnership with families, the community, and the Anglican Church, All Saints’ College empowers students to realise their full potential, fostering confidence, compassion, and a commitment to meaningful service, both locally and globally. The College’s vision extends beyond its campus, aiming to impact the world positively.

At the heart of All Saints’ College lie its core values: Empathy, Respect, Integrity, and Courage. These values are not just words on paper; they are a way of life for the entire College community. They form the bedrock upon which the institution stands, guiding its students and educators alike in their pursuit of excellence.

Belinda Provis, Principal

Fostering Positive Relationships: The All Saints’ Way

All Saints’ College is a beacon of positivity, nurturing strong relationships from the Early Learning Centre to the most senior years. At the core of the All Saints’ philosophy lies an unwavering commitment to student well-being. Ms. Provis affirms this commitment: “Our dedication to supporting students’ well-being and cultivating well-rounded, empowered, and compassionate individuals is evident through our robust pastoral care, a plethora of peer-to-peer learning opportunities, and student leadership initiatives.”

For All Saints’ College, well-being isn’t a buzzword—it’s a way of life. Well-being programs are seamlessly woven into the fabric of daily college life, ensuring that every student feels supported, valued, and heard, regardless of the situation they find themselves in. A key component of this supportive ecosystem is the multi-year Tutor Groups, fostering enduring relationships among students of various ages who learn from one another’s experiences. Furthermore, the House system at All Saints’ bolsters a sense of belonging and responsibility that extends across the entire College community.

The transition from Junior to Senior School is a pivotal moment in any young person’s journey, and All Saints’ College has designed a Transition Program that strives to cultivate positive, supportive relationships among students, their peers, and their teachers. This initiative is geared towards enhancing emotional, social, and academic well-being, particularly for Years 7 and 8 students. It empowers them to navigate a world of increased independence, equipping them with the skills to become lifelong learners who embody the College’s values as ethical, compassionate, and empowered global citizens.

Ms. Provis adds, “In alignment with our values-driven philosophy, our coeducational college embraces our unique ‘ATAR Plus’ approach. This approach celebrates the remarkable diversity within our student body, recognising that while the majority of ASC students aim for the highest possible ATAR, the College also caters to those pursuing a General pathway, an Enterprise pathway, and/or a Hybrid pathway.” This approach underscores the depth and diversity of learning experiences available at ASC, transcending the traditional confines of academia. All Saints’ approach to education is firmly grounded in three pillars: connecting learning to the real world, personalising learning to enable student agency, and fostering the development of capabilities that empower students to thrive in our ever-evolving, complex world.

Empowering Student Agency with a Unique Approach

As All Saints’ College continues to shape the future of education, its ‘ATAR+’ approach stands as a beacon of innovation. This approach empowers students to chart their own distinctive paths through Years 11 and 12. At All Saints’, success is not one-size-fits-all; every student is encouraged to pursue their individual measure of achievement while partaking in a myriad of social enterprise, service, and co-curricular opportunities.

Principal Ms. Provis underscores the importance of relationships within the All Saints’ community, saying, “Throughout all of this, we maintain a keen focus on relationships—with each other and our families—while committing to a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. One distinguishing aspect of our college is our unwavering emphasis on student choice and agency, allowing students to be the architects of their educational journey.”

Central to this philosophy is the ‘Stage Not Age’ approach, ensuring that students are not confined by specific choices based on their age or year groups. Instead, they are encouraged to explore a diverse range of elective subjects. All Saints’ unique timetable structure facilitates advanced placement and acceleration, fostering a culture of excellence and adaptability.

The concept of student agency is paramount in today’s dynamic educational landscape. As Ms. Provis notes, “It is vital that students have agency in their learning—co-curating and understanding the relevance of their education. This sense of efficacy and the ability to make a positive difference in the world is pivotal to both the quality of our student’s learning and their overall well-being.”

“We aim to instil in our students the excitement and confidence to navigate this VUCA world, brimming with evolving STEM industries and expanding real-world skills,” Ms. Provis continues. All Saints’ College nurtures entrepreneurially-minded students by providing diverse opportunities both inside and outside the classroom.

The dedicated teaching staff, in collaboration with the College’s Admin and Support teams, lead with unwavering passion, forging unique connections with students that extend far beyond the classroom. They serve as guides, encouraging students to be co-designers of their learning experience, offering choice, voice, and agency. The curriculum is tailored based on the interests of each student, with regular feedback and data collection to inform future planning. By actively listening to students and making their thought processes visible through routines, staff can personalize each student’s learning journey at the College.

While personalised learning occurs in every classroom, the curriculum is also customised across year levels to meet each child’s unique needs, all while establishing valuable links to partner organisations and networks beyond the College. The innovative delivery of the curriculum ensures students are deeply engaged in their own learning journey.

The dedicated staff at All Saints’ College extend their engagement with students well beyond the classroom walls. They participate in unique Outdoor Learning Programs, travel with students to explore vast areas of Western Australia and foster daily connections through multi-year Tutor Groups. Additionally, they take on mentorship roles for Senior School leaders and actively support students in co-curricular activities. The teaching staff personify the positive energy and community spirit that defines the College, recognising each student as a unique individual.

Creating Pathways to Success

At All Saints’ College, the belief is clear: success comes in as many forms as there are students. The College’s unwavering commitment to supporting diverse pathways has empowered students to thrive in their chosen fields. Here, the focus is not merely on academic achievement but on instilling a genuine love for learning, recognising that each student’s educational journey is inherently unique.

As an integral part of All Saints’ College’s ‘ATAR Plus’ approach, Senior School students have the opportunity to embark on a diverse array of pathways that are highly personalised. This approach grants students greater agency over their learning, enabling them to unlock their full potential while gaining real-world experience.

Beyond the classroom, All Saints’ College students actively engage in a multitude of academic competitions. From the WA Debating League to the Science Olympiads and the Australian Mathematics Competition, these external opportunities allow students to extend their learning horizons and put their knowledge to the test.

In a remarkable achievement, All Saints’ College attained ‘course leader’ status across five ATAR Science subjects, including Biology, Human Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Psychology. This recognition is a testament to the calibre of students and educators at the College, with the Class of 2022 achieving exceptional results in these subjects, driven by their unwavering passion and dedication.

The dynamic Sport, Health, and Physical Education program at All Saints’ College has nurtured top-tier athletes who have excelled in various state and national competitions and events, spanning Athletics, Swimming, and Basketball.

Underpinned by a comprehensive Arts program and the innovative Arts hub, HotHouse Company, which collaborates regularly with artists and industry professionals, All Saints’ students have a wealth of opportunities to explore and pursue their artistic passions. Many students seamlessly transition into tertiary studies or industry roles within the Arts, whether taking centre stage or working behind the camera.

All Saints’ College’s emphasis on innovation and entrepreneurship has also birthed a new generation of business leaders. Students have ventured into their own business enterprises, creating social impact and contributing positively to the world. Ms. Provis highlights, “Students are encouraged to ‘have a go,’ and their diverse strengths and talents are nurtured, valued, and celebrated throughout the College community. Their involvement in College life greatly enriches their All Saints’ experience, nurturing well-rounded individuals who exude confidence and capability.”

The rich array of cocurricular offerings at All Saints’ College empowers students to not only pursue their existing interests but also to acquire new skills and explore uncharted ventures, from Circus to Robotics to diverse sporting programs and abundant Arts opportunities.

A Green Oasis of Learning

The power of a green and treed environment in promoting learning, mental well-being, and physical and emotional health is well-documented in research. All Saints’ College considers itself fortunate that its classrooms are nestled within 20 hectares of lush, undulating land.

Recognising that every student has a unique learning style and in its unwavering commitment to preparing for an ever-evolving educational landscape, the College has invested in creating flexible multi-use spaces. These spaces are designed to stimulate creativity and serve various purposes, ranging from project-based learning to collaborative work, mentorship from industry professionals, and workshops featuring guest speakers.

The expansive 20-hectare campus allows for a seamless blend of students of all ages, from three years old (soon to be as young as 12 months with the completion of the childcare centre) to 18. This unique setting fosters an environment where students interact and learn from one another, providing a smooth transition from one phase of their College journey to the next.

All Saints’ College takes immense pride in its exceptional facilities, which reflect decades of careful stewardship of the College’s resources. These facilities send a powerful message to students that the College values their diverse pursuits and interests, whether they lie in aquatic activities, on the stage, in a science laboratory, or in the kitchen. Access to these high-end, safe facilities empowers students to learn, grow, and thrive in ways they may have never imagined, offering a multitude of opportunities to develop new skills or hone existing strengths. Having these facilities on-site eliminates the need for students to travel off-site for sporting activities and facilitates connections with other schools, enriching the learning experience.

The campus also boasts the CAVE (Centre for Audio Visual Experience), complete with a fully equipped recording studio, green screen, and equipment for students to create podcasts, films, and more. Additionally, The Hangar, a hub for innovation and enterprise, serves as a fertile ground for student-led projects.

In addition to specialised spaces like these, the College features an on-site café. Here, staff, students, parents, and members of the wider community can come together to socialise, study, hold meetings, and more, all while enjoying a cup of coffee and a muffin.

Ms. Provis emphasises the intangible quality that truly sets All Saints’ College apart. “There are many tangible factors to consider when choosing a school – the number of subjects offered, class sizes, and more. Yet, often, the most important factor is the intangible, how it feels for the young person and their family,” says Ms. Provis.

She goes on to say, “We often speak about ‘that All Saints’ feeling.’ Families who tour the campus often mention it. There’s something special about walking through the campus and experiencing the daily vibrancy of College life. Experiencing a school first hand, both its tangible infrastructure and the intangible ‘feeling,’ allows families to discover the uniqueness of the students and staff and what life at ASC is truly like.”

Nurturing Tomorrow’s Leaders

As All Saints’ College continues to evolve, two significant developments stand as a testament to its commitment to nurturing young minds and preparing them for a changing world. One of the most noteworthy developments is the establishment and construction of All Saints’ College’s new Childcare Centre. Nestled in the heart of the wider College campus, the Childcare Centre will provide a nurturing and engaging environment for children from 12 months to four years old. With a capacity for approximately 90 children per day, this facility will be open to all families within the community once completed in mid-2024. The innovative design, a creation of Godden Projects architects Matthew Crawford and Tom Godden, draws inspiration from the natural landscape. It seamlessly blends with the College’s ethos and the land upon which it stands, creating a welcoming space that embraces the play-based nature of ASC’s Early Childhood philosophy.

Furthermore, in an ever-changing and increasingly uncertain world, developing an innovative and entrepreneurial mindset in young people has never been more crucial. This year, in collaboration with the University of Melbourne, All Saints’ College has embarked on an Action Research program with Year 8 students. The New Metrics for Success project seeks to align the learning ambitions of 36 of Australia’s ‘first-mover’ schools with metrics used to measure success.

The Year 8 program promotes cross-curricular collaboration, where learning areas combine into teams to cover content and develop complex capabilities through rich, project-based learning experiences. Students undertake a project each term, focusing on critical skills like critical and creative thinking, problem-solving, communication, collaboration, resilience, and perseverance. This holistic approach prepares students for the future by instilling a deep understanding of these essential competencies. Teachers from multiple academic disciplines collaborate to design programs that broaden students’ perspectives and facilitate authentic, real-world connections.

These developments underscore All Saints’ College’s unwavering dedication to providing an exceptional educational journey nurturing young minds to become future leaders, thinkers, and innovators.

For More Info: https://www.allsaints.wa.edu.au/

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