Divanshi Gupta, Founder, Ucanji

With more than 16+ years of dancing, choreographing and teaching experience, Divanshi is set to redefine the way of upskilling, and most importantly, make it accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Divanshi is a Prabhakar Degree holder in Kathak from Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Allahabad, and she wants to extend the experience, magic, and energy to scores of people with her latest entrepreneurial endeavour. Divanshi has been on an entrepreneurial journey since 2012, first with Dance Helpline, and now Ucanji. She has organised several on-ground talent hunts for Dance India Dance, Dance+, So You Think You Can Dance, and more, while also organising workshops with International as well as National artists across India. She single-handedly launched and managed 13+ Dance Centres across Delhi NCR, and is again on a similar streak with Ucanji.

The intensity of competition in today’s time has built a certain kind of pressure not just amongst the parents but also in children, who are growing to become more mature and aware of their surroundings, choices, and future. Amidst the ongoing pandemic, the children have suffered a huge deal of loss in experience and classes, that helped them explore and develop their true nature and potential as a person and dancer. However, the introduction of Online/Zoom dance classes have helped press the accelerator pedal in staying updated and not become obsolete.

Over the last year, online dance classes have not only gained mammoth popularity but have replaced offline classes for several reasons. Here we have enlisted 5 reasons to enable the readers to make a choice of selecting online over offline:

  1. Flexibility: With school/college classes all day and no physical activity in sight, having the opportunity to select when to practice offers a great deal of comfort. The online dance classes offer flexibility that one needs all the time, especially during the pandemic when one’s daily schedule has gone haywire. Online dance classes enable users to be versatile with their time while learning at their own pace and comfort. Further, the learners can make time for education, related-assignments, family, etc. and also practice dance online as and when possible throughout the day, which offline classes do not allow them.
  1. Access to Expert Professionals: The opportunity to learn from the best dance experts inspires people from all around the world to travel to their place of the studio, however, digital transformation has changed the course to offer enhanced accessibility. Now, one can learn to dance from anywhere from the best of best in the world at any time and not feel stuck. With the online dance classes, expert dance professionals can reach, engage and uplift the lives of millions of people who are eager to improve their skills.
  1. Improved Focus, Self-Discipline & Motivation: Choosing to practice at your own time motivates people to become self-disciplined. While learning online offers convenience of pace, it also helps develop a focused approach towards practising dance. It also pushes the learners out of their comfort zone to get ready for the classes they have enrolled themselves in. Hence, improving focus, self-discipline and motivation as you are free from external interruptions that are usually the case in classroom learning.
  1. No geographical limit: The biggest barrier to learning dancing is not distance but the intention. Online dance classes available on leading platforms have brought in-classroom learning experience to your smartphone, laptop and television. In fact, over the internet classes are enabling learners to choose the teachers they prefer to learn from, even from international artists.
  1. Safety: One cannot deny the necessity of being safe and secure amidst the on-going COVID-19 pandemic. Learning and evolving is as necessary as eating every day to keep abreast with the industry trends, information and more. And, online classes have shut down the fear of the deadly virus as it enables learners to lead their lives on their own terms while being safe at home.

Traditional learning methodologies have been part of the education system for several years, but the need to evolve has arrived with the changing times. Choosing online dance classes over offline can put the learner’s growth in the 6th gear, especially as they get to practice with experts, anywhere, anytime.

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