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C P Goenka International School (CPGIS), Borivali is a well-recognized international school with a vision to ensure the growth and development of every student as a global citizen through the simultaneous realisation of academic, physical, cultural, and spiritual aspirations.

“We, at CPGIS, in collaboration with Juhu Parle Education Society, impart knowledge and develop each and every child holistically; for them to be competent of global standards,” states Anita Sharma, Principal, CP Goenka International School, Borivali.

An open-door policy and a student-centric approach give CPGIS an edge over the other schools. Moreover, the pupils of CPGIS are provided with an innovative technology-assisted learning environment that facilitates them to exhibit their hidden potential to the fullest.

School Infrastructure, Class Size, & Teaching Pedagogy

Situated at one of the finest locations of Borivali, CPGIS has a spacious school premise with a 360° 24/7 CCTV enabled campus, digital classrooms, music and dance studio, innovative science labs, amphitheatre, ICT lab, RIFD, e-library, outdoor play area, football turf, cafeteria, sickbay, and art & craft room.

Besides these, CPGIS has maintained small class sizes with a student-to-teacher ratio of 1:8 playgroup, 1:12 nursery, 1:15 Jr.Kg, and 1:15 Sr Kg for Pre-Primary, 24:2 for primary, and 30:1 for secondary divisions. With digitally enabled creative classrooms, interactive toys, and availability of SAP activities, CPGIS can facilitate better instructions, improve student outcomes, increase attendance & interest of the students, and impart quality learning.

With regards to the course of study, CPGIS offers a CBSE curriculum with an intense yet student-centric academic programme and a plethora of student development activities which connect to the instructional programme and to the school ethos, human values, sports, performing arts, and creative skill to bring out the holistic development in students.

Anita Sharma, Principal, CP Goenka International School, Borivali

Supporting Teachers’ Professional Growth

CPGIS has a team of highly-qualified and academically proficient teachers from arts, commerce, and science backgrounds. Most teachers have graduate (B.Ed) and/or post-graduate degrees (M.Ed) in education, while some have master’s degrees in special education.

“At CPGIS, we consider our teachers as the brain of the school. To support their professional development, we offer extensive training courses/workshops throughout the year, including subject matter and methods as well as leadership tools and skills,” shares Principal Anita. These workshops are based on classroom assessment strategies, management and leadership training, professional certifications, technical skills training, teamwork, interpersonal skills training, coaching and mentoring, etc.

Encouraging Creativity & Innovation in Students

Since the beginning, CPGIS has implemented numerous strategies to help learners tap into their creative potential and showcase creativity throughout the school environment. “We encourage our learners to come up with their own ideas, answers, and interpretations by involving them in solving real-world problems and asking them open-ended questions,” shares Principal Anita. This is achieved through group projects, using digital tools & visual aids, and conducting brainstorming sessions.

Involving Parents in their Child’s Learning Journey

At CPGIS, parents have always played an integral part in their child’s education. Principal Anita reveals that CPGIS has a strong support system for parents like PTMs, PTIS, etc. Parents are also updated on various academics and co-curriculum activities conducted by the school through MICM, email correspondence, and connections at regular intervals. In addition, the school has an in-house counselling cell that helps parents with strategies and guidance.

List of Coveted Awards

Over the years, CPGIS has received numerous awards and accolades owing to its quality education, student-centric programmes, holistic learning environment, and teaching pedagogy. Below mentioned are some of the noteworthy achievements of the school.

  • ‘Top Emerging School in Mumbai for National and International Curriculum’ by Times School Survey 2021.
  • ‘Excellence in Blended Learning’ by the Education World Grand Jury, Ranking 7th in India, 4th in Maharashtra, and 1st in Mumbai.
  • 5-Star Rating Award in Excellence in Technology Integration in Education by CED, MSME Govt of India.
  • International Icon Award 2022 as ‘Outstanding School for Holistic Education’.
  • Awarded ‘Utmost Parents’ Satisfaction During COVID’ by Education Excellence Conclave.

Students Bringing Laurels to the School

Learners of CPGIS have participated and excelled in various academic as well as co-curricular competitions held at state, national & international levels. To name a few of the students’ achievements: Won IOSA Olympiad 2020-21, recognised for Best Academic Performer Certificate & State Topper Medal for International Olympiad of STEAM and Astronomy; ranked 7th in Logiqids – Mental Aptitude Olympiad 2021; won a silver medal in SPACETRIX International Aerospace Olympiad 2021; participated in 3 levels of Chinese International exam, won a gold medal in the 6th National Youth Games Championship 2022, stood 9th in the Mumbai Suburban District Chess Association & Universal Chess Foundation, won a gold medal in Inter-Karate competition at Orchid International school, and ranked 5th in MaRRS International Spelling Bee 2021.

Overcoming Challenges Posed by Pandemic

The global COVID-19 pandemic shined a harsh light on the vulnerabilities and challenges in the existing educational system. It questioned the readiness of the education systems worldwide to address such a crisis and the sustainability of schools. However, leading international schools such as CPGISwas able to transition from traditional learning to an exclusively online learning platform through its efficient and advanced IT structure.

“We used digital pedagogical tools and virtual exchanges between students and their teachers to deliver education,” shares Anita. Likewise, education at CPGIS was back on its toes in merely 15 days, along with streamlined training sessions for teachers and a curriculum for learners. School reopening dates were neither altered nor postponed; the school routine continued smoothly like pre-COVID. The stakeholders of CPGIS did not encounter any significant challenges except for missing the school atmosphere and physical connection.

Strategies for Schools to Thrive in the Post-Pandemic Era

Principal Anita says that schools must focus on recovering the learning losses over the previous year and take a futuristic approach to build a resilient system that can withstand any future shocks. Moreover, heavy emphasis must be placed on developing new pedagogies that will be student-centred, inquiry-based, authentic, and purposeful. Similarly, the delivery of instruction must capitalise on the strengths of both synchronous and asynchronous learning.

Operating in the post-pandemic era, CPGIS, Borivali aims to harness education by wise use of technology and limiting its dependency. “Acceptance, adaptation, and adoption of any change will be our mantra, with the emotional connection playing a vital role. We will also train our students to be open-minded, prompt, and independent to make them future-ready,” shares Principal Anita.

Roadmap to a Brighter Future

Currently, CPGIS is in the completion phase of elevating its infrastructural facilities along with various other developments. In the coming days, the school will introduce an Artificial Intelligence laboratory as well as Math, Physics, Biology and Chemistry laboratories, 24 New Smart Classrooms, Cafeteria, Library beautification, and Rumpus Room for pre-school learners.

For More Info: https://www.cpgoenkaborivali.com/

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