Dr. Varun Gupta-Educationist, Social Activist, Author, and Executive Vice President On Sky Global

Dr. Varun Gupta, acclaimed as an Indian Peace Ambassador to spread objectives of UNSDGs; Education Advisor to the State of African Diaspora; a top Educationist and an Entrepreneur who works as an Educator and Entrepreneur with higher learning institutions offering liaisons and consultations to the world of Education and Trade sector. He is known to be a global business and liaisoning consultant. He is also the Vice President of USA based institution named ON SKY GLOBAL; Chief Operating Officer of Cambridge Career College UK and Director of Pingaksh International Consultants, India.


As we all are aware that we Indians are  facing an unbelievable stage of advanced technological growth and development. There is no deny in saying that this latest development is affecting each and every sector. Whether it is education or a business or healthcare all are getting benefit from the same.  During the time of global pandemic these latest developments marked a turning point in the field of education. It is not only the student who is in graduation is benefitted also those who are in starting phase are getting benefit of this development.  Earlier, we were dependent on long-established learning methods comprising a teacher addressing its students in a  classroom but after Janta curfew in 2020 everything is virtual. The level, to which education could be proclaimed in this way, turn upon the capability of a teacher  to help the students to see the unique concepts without having the correct tools. The interference of global pandemic Covid-19 have affected everyone. With schools, colleges, and other professional institutes  were shut down to prevent the virus. 

If we see the future of online education after five years, we will see a global conversion which will be dependent mostly on advanced digital technology and this will make education more easier and affordable . More and more virtual teaching platforms will mushroomed up and will make the education system more reliable, easier and convenient. 

Maximum learning institutes, schools will transform into a blended learning method and continue with it even after the pandemic goes away. People will feel the advantages of these virtual platforms and will resume with it. In our country most of the housewives will continue with virtual education along with successfully doing their duties for their children and family. Students of rural areas who can’t afford living in a big city and the expenses can complete their graduation through virtual mode. Various professional courses like cooking, digital marketing, IT etc will be provided digitally which will be beneficial for all. More and more online channels will be introduced to impart good education. Besides, students will have options to select best for their career. 

Key highlights 

It will be helpful in controlling the geographical boundaries: This advanced learning method will no longer stricted to the geographical boundaries. We will be able to access the best educational material on any subject through our desktop, laptop, mobile and tablets with internet connectivity. This workable atmosphere of digital learning will open the doors to gaining knowledge for the working professionals who don’t have the time to enroll in courses where they are needed to sit. 

It will be highly affordable: It has been seen that the financial barriers always acts like an hurdle in the path of education. Most of the scholars  who are keen to study cannot do so only because of the financial problem as  it won’t allow them to pay the  high fees of top institutions. Fortunately, the future of online education and such students seems more promising. This virtual learning is efficient as well as highly affordable. Such students will able to complete their education  from the renowned institutes or universities at affordable rates.

Own pace: The nature of a classroom is in that way that it needs each and every student to know the things and understand the concepts at the same pace. Even the most hard working lecturer cannot ensure that each and every student have no doubts.  Some are able to grab these things quickly while some takes time. With virtual learning every student will understand the topic or subject n at his/her own pace 

Benefit for teachers: Here it is important to note that it will not only be beneficial for students but will be beneficial for teachers too. All tasks including attendance record, fees record, question papers, report card etc will be managed by AI software

Besides, the above mentioned benefits the great challenge for the virtual learning industry in our country would be the lack of technological puncturing in remote areas. As we all know that the maximum of our Indian population lives in villages will be an issue that requires to be handled. Our central and states governments have taken many  initiatives to speed up the technological growth and surely these efforts will  bridge the gap between urban and rural education.

E-learning has shown immense possibilities regarding changing the education system of our country. With the arrival of latest and advanced e-learning platforms along with the rising  competitiveness among them, we are sure that we will more a great tool, content and teaching methods.  


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