Rishabh Khanna, Cognitive Scientist and Co-founder, Suraasa

Rishabh Khanna is the Cognitive Scientist and Co-founder of Suraasa, a teacher training and accreditation platform. He belongs to Karnal, Haryana, a city widely regarded as an education hub. Rishabh has earned a degree in mechanical engineering from a leading college in New Delhi. After graduating from college in 2008, Rishabh joined Hindustan Computers Limited (HCL) one of the largest and most prestigious IT companies in India. In 2017, Rishabh created Suraasa, a platform that trains aspiring educators and teachers who are in service. Suraasa teaches educators skills that prepare them for teaching.


Teachers are the gatekeepers of education and play a crucial role in preparing students for the future. In the past few years, teaching methods have changed to a large extent, which has brought in both – opportunities and challenges for teachers. With time, the medium of teaching has transformed from blackboards to projectors to online meetings. EdTech, in this case, has become a crucial solution to enhance the learning outcomes and maintain the effectiveness of learning.

Many educators are working on creating content in video format to teach their students. They additionally use collaboration strategies as a tool for students to experiment with learning. The content distribution and interaction models are essential components of today’s learning systems, and they define how students learn and progress.

Further, the teaching process has changed and is undergoing disruption. Considering the need, teachers are required to cope up by upskilling themselves. This has opened a gate for ed-tech platforms to flourish, which are not only helping teachers to teach students online but are also helping teachers to learn. Some unique Ed-tech platforms help teachers in getting access to high-quality pedagogy content to upgrade their skills as per the requirements.

There are various skills and techniques which have helped teachers to present their best versions online. This ultimate transformation obviously helps students too. Whether it is about pedagogical skills, overall career guidance, or recruitment, ed-tech platforms are helping teachers to grow in every way.

EdTech platforms have proven to be useful for educators in the following ways:

Digital enhancement of pedagogical skills:

Ed-tech platforms are providing online courses to help teachers in enhancing their pedagogical skills from the comfort of their homes. The platforms employ various assessment tools to help teachers keep a track of their skill improvement.

Better Job opportunities:

If teachers would adapt to the new technologies, it would pave the way for better new job opportunities. The ed-tech platforms require more and more teachers for the respective students to teach them online. Therefore, it creates a requirement for more and more teachers.

Improved engagements with students:

In classrooms, students are often present physically, but not mentally since they are often lost in their own imagination. In a non-digital, traditional classroom, the only method for a teacher to identify such students would be to just start asking questions. However, ed-tech platforms have redefined engagement. These platforms help teachers in tracking the individual and cluster performances of their students and keep the data with them in the most organized and easy way.

Improved Economic status:

The ed-tech platforms have proved to be a boon for teachers. The e-learning and upskilling platforms for teachers in India have increased employment opportunities, helping teachers in maintaining their economic status and standard of living.

Summing up:

Ed-tech platform is now a new interesting place for the teachers of India to dwell upon. The platform has now advanced their skills with the hassle free process and helps them in presenting themselves in front of the students in the best way. With this it has also improved the e-learning for the students.

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