Rajesh Kumar Singh, Founder and MD, Kunwar’s Global School

A true visionary and philanthropist, Mr Rajesh Kumar Singh is constantly worked towards the growth of the community and has dedicated all his earnings in uplifting the educational system of India where education is imparted not only to the rich but poor. Rajesh Kumar Singh is the Founder and MD of Kunwar’s Global School and is a passionate believer and a very hard-working entrepreneur. He has converted his 100 crore land initially allocated for a 5-star club into an educational institute. Crores of investment in its promotion, 50 crores of loan in its construction, Mr Rajesh Kumar Singh donated & sacrificed all for this school. His Intent and strong will of social service did not go unnoticed as he was recognised by many foundations, one of which has awarded him with the Honorary Doctorate for his work in the field of social service.


Are you among the ones who are deeply passionate about sports and playing one gives you immense pleasure? If your response to this question is positive, then a sports career is waiting for you with plethora of opportunities. We know sports was traditionally considered merely as a hobby down the ages and also cannot help you with your daily bread but in the modern era, a career in sports is welcomed and looked forward with keen interest. The mindset of people has totally changed about sports and the career options available in this particular field. A career in sports doesn’t only mean to be an active sportsperson or a player, but offer a variety of profiles which one can look forward to.

Career options available in the field of Sports

Sports as a career offers various professional opportunities. Following are some of the most chosen career options in sports:

  1. A Sports person

A sportsperson is the one who actually plays in the field, being the highlight of the game, working towards victory. He usually plays by himself or with a team, depending upon the sports he plays. Before stepping down the field to play before the audience, the sports person needs to follow a strict training regime under the expert guidance of a coach, along with a strict diet under an expert, with plenty of nutrients essential for his fitness and energy.

Though a sportsperson’s performance is short-lived on the field, but a successful game opens up many other gates for the player. A player is often offered a position in state level and national level teams based on their performance. As they retire, they are also offered a position in sports offices at state and national levels.

  1. A Coach

Physical fitness and activities are on everyone’s mind these days and thus a number of schools and other organizations are focusing on employing sports coaches that can offer physical training to students and adults respectively. Apart from being a player, one can choose to be a coach in order to train the whole team and realize their potential, identify their weaknesses and strengths and help them work in coherence.

There are many courses offered by different universities that help you become a coach. Being a coach requires expert knowledge of the game and a prior experience in the field acts a cherry on the cake.

  1. A Referee/Umpire

One doesn’t need to be a sportsman to be on the field, one can choose to a referee or an umpire. He is the one who regulates and executes the rules of the game while a game is on and his decisions are considered final. A referee or umpire should know all the laws of the game being played and be unbiased with the decisions.

  1. A Consultant (Sports Medicine)

The current scenario has raised awareness about the importance of health and fitness which has, thus, created a need for individuals who can give expert advices to sports persons about their health needs and a personalized fitness program taking into account all crucial factors.

Such consultants are known as Sports Medicine and are employed by the state level and national level boards respectively. Such consultants also attend the sportspersons in case of any injury like sprains, fractures, muscle pulls, torn ligaments, etc. These consultants can also be physiotherapists that provide continuous treatment to the injured sportspersons.

  1. A Sports Journalist/Sports Commentator

The ones who have excellent communication skills can become a sports journalist or a sports commentator like Ravi Shastri and Harsha Bhogle. Journalism has become a high paid profession with the popularity of television, magazines and newspapers. There are a number of channels that produce on-air programs dedicated to sports and even before and after a big match.

  1. A Sports Photographer

One can also opt for the profile of sports photographer with an aesthetic sense of photography and a thorough knowledge about the sports. Sport photographers are very much in demand these days and are always required for major sports events.

  1. A Manufacturer and Supplier of sports equipment

One can also be a manufacturer or a supplier of sports equipment to enter the sports industry. Sports equipment are needed by every club, team or sports organization on a regular basis.

Eligibility and Personal Skills

Opting for a sports career, one needs to be physically fit, energetic, patient, enthusiastic and must possess a sporting spirit and perseverance. A commitment to the game is a must to have. The minimum educational qualification required for a sports career is 10+2 pass. Deserving individuals are also offered financial and training scholarships to pursue their career and fulfill their dreams and aspirations.

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