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Mr. Arun Verma is the founder and CEO of It is an online platform that helps students and teachers meet online and offline for over 10,000 subjects, skills and languages around the globe. He is a polymath, developer, educator, thinker, philosopher, and a nerd with a passion for psychology, learning, and education. He has done his B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from GNDEC, Ludhiana and MBA from University of Ulster, Northern Ireland, UK.


Schools play a vital role in shaping children as an individual while they gain knowledge on several subjects that cultivate their thought processes and prepare them to function efficiently in the community. Experts believe that a society with higher education levels has higher income stability, equality ratio, healthier lifestyle and minimum crime rates. For many students as well as parents, education is the first step toward fulfilling their dreams. However, most of them often struggle in academics while figuring out how to get appropriate help. Also, rapid changes in the curriculum and tutoring methods have transformed the educational system to the core, where new information is being added regularly. Therefore, parents are also concerned about their children’s performance in school and whether they are tutored the correct way or not. 

Sometimes students need a gentle touch-up or fine-tuning according to their capability, and tutoring services can set them in the right direction by accelerating the learning process. Below are some benefits students can consume from efficient tutoring services. 

Tutoring Service: A helping hand for struggling students

Many reasons can come across parents when choosing tutoring services for their children. They can be related to the learning capability, nervousness, poor study habits or procrastination. However, it is not only academic skills that students need but also several other abilities such as focus, punctuality, attentiveness, and discipline that could help them get better at their educational stance. A tutoring service follows a holistic approach while catering to the children and ensures they are supported at each level of learning. 

Providing a nurturing environment for students

With classes completely packed, it is challenging for teachers at school to pay one-on-one attention to each student. Some children might not have the capability to absorb the information in a classroom, but when they are exposed to face-to-face interactive tutoring, positive results are seen in their studies. By engaging in the learning activity and getting focused attention, they are nurtured in a promising manner while being motivated to perform better. By choosing tutoring services, students are able to learn essential topics significantly while staying connected with their academic curriculum at the comfort of their homes. 

A personalized learning experience

Students perform in a better manner when they are given the responsibility of educating themselves. In personalized learning sessions, students choose what topics to study, what learning path to take and prioritizing regular self-assessment. It also allows them to learn flexibly while having a commendable relationship with the tutor. Several opportunities are being offered to them to actively lead the sessions that simplifies learning with their peers. Each student has a different learning style, therefore in the personalized learning sessions, they are motivated to face challenges and find solutions that would strengthen their talents. Also, several activities are included in sessions where students learn to know the benefits of individualization. 

Enhancing student’s natural abilities

The role of education is not limited to providing literacy among students but also cultivating a character that would later help to build a better community for everyone to live in. It takes time to find and build a natural talent because every child is unique in their behavior. Enhancing the right mindset requires understanding the student at the base level while not overwhelming them with pressure. It is natural for children to get discouraged due to their academic performance, but it is essential to keep praising and supporting them to keep them right on track. Tutoring services can initiate students’ ability to have a natural curiosity while having all their all doubts cleared. Tutors ensure no student is left behind while boosting vocational habits that they might be missing in public schools. 

Facilitating academic development 

For a student to progress in the competitive educational environment, they need to upgrade their academic skills. It has been experienced by the tutors that few students are unable to ask queries, write efficient notes, and infer the deep meaning within the texts. These are some of the issues that might be affecting the academic performance of the child. Also, schools are unable to effectively concentrate on these problems leaving students confused about their condition. Choosing the right tutoring services can facilitate building their academic skills and converge the areas where students are struggling. To reach a level of academic excellence, extra preparation is necessary, and hiring tutors can ensure the students are following their curriculum from an examination point of view. 

Final Thoughts 

Primarily, parents must understand where their children are having difficulties. They must communicate with them to gain an understanding of their problems in terms of a subject in general, a learning issue, or a study environment. Depending entirely upon the school’s education might not let students enhance their natural abilities. Academically struggling children need a unique learning experience with hand-holding by their tutors. Experts believe that learning individually or in smaller groups can actually revitalize the attentiveness of the students, and also make sure that every student is catered to in an efficient manner.

 As soon as students believe in themselves and that they can score better in academics, they start to build confidence. Having tutoring services in the action plan, students can develop their critical thinking and incorporate it into their daily tasks. Parents can be relieved that their children are taken care of in a holistic way. Also, students can reach their full academic potential when they are given appropriate attention and appreciation. When students choose to have these tutoring services, they can follow new paths of learning while going beyond their standard curriculum. 

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