Sachin Sandhir, Founder & Co-CEO, GENLEAP

Sachin Sandhir, Founder and Co-CEO GENLEAP has led a variety of real estate development, consulting, lending, offshoring, education and SAAS businesses. He has held MD/CEO level positions for the last 18 years. Voted amongst the 40 most influential real estate personalities in India, he is an acknowledged expert and public speaker on Indian real estate.A specialist in building start-ups, he has built four successful businesses – both as an entrepreneur as well as a corporate leader. Prior to GENLEAP, Sachin was the CEO for Valocity India – a fintech in the South Asia market which he has established as the leading digital platform for streamlining valuations for mortgage lending for banks and housing finance companies.


We live in a society that is obsessed with the traditional indicators of talent — high grades, topping the merit list and securing a seat in a premier institution, bagging a high-salaried cushy corporate job, and living a comfortable life full of all the amenities that money can buy. We often become so obsessed with this that we tend to ignore the natural gifts and talents that our children may possess. Your child could be a born singer or gifted painter. Recognizing and nurturing these inherent talents is of crucial importance in steering your child towards success. Leaning on natural talents helps to create a happy and fulfilling life. Simple everyday practice such as praising your child can help boost their natural talent and skills. If your child is a born singer make sure to nurture it in every possible way so that your child feels encouraged to take it to the next level.

New age technology is all set to revisualize every aspect of our lives including our education system. Educators across the globe are adopting technological innovations to help students reach their potential and prepare them for a rapidly changing work environment. A combination of technology and people expertise is of crucial importance to be a part of the modern-day workforce. AI helps in having a personalised approach to learning programs. AI-based solutions help in achieving the desired goals in the field of education by analysing previous learning histories, identifying ones weaknesses and offer a whole new personalised learning experience. The importance of technology adoption came to the fore during the global pandemic when large-scale technology adoption helped to keep the education system alive with offline classes and remote teaching facilities becoming the norm and facilitating teacher student interaction.

What are natural talents?

Talent is what a person is naturally endowed with. It is an ability or natural capacity that we are born with. What we do well and enjoy doing and can do with effortless ease. Everyone has inherent talents and abilities but many times it becomes difficult to spot those. A series of studies and researches show that modern-day hiring managers are strongly inclined towards hiring someone who they believe has natural talent. Often, discovering one’s natural talent may not be possible with simple assessment tests or tools which are commonly used for the purpose. So, how do we recognize these inherent talents? Is there a scientific way that can help us recognize these talents, strengths? The answer is AI. 

What is Artificial Intelligence? Role of AI in recognising inherent talents

With the help of AI or Artificial Intelligence, we can easily recognise talents and strengths. AI broadly refers to “computers which perform cognitive tasks, usually associated with human minds, particularly learning, and problem-solving”. It is an umbrella term that encompasses machine learning, data mining, or an algorithm. 

AI is everywhere. It can manifest in myriad different ways in everyday life. If you ever asked Alexa to find your favourite birthday song, order your food or browse the Netflix for movies, you’re interacting with AI without even realising it. 

AI is a form of computer science that can create smart or intelligent machines capable of recognising various human activities and can learn, play and solve complex problems like humans. 

Breakthrough in algorithms promote the penetration of AI into the fields of education helping us to spot a child’s inherent talents using large amounts of data sets. The better the AI, the more it is able to adapt to a child’s unique needs, context, preferences, and priorities. Adaptable AI has far-reaching implications in unlocking opportunities for a child.

With the increased use of AI students can now have a more personalised approach to learning based on their unique talents and strengths. Use of AI helps students to have a more individualistic and personalised approach where a student’s previous learning histories is taken into account offering them tailored courses that complements their areas of strength and unique ability.

Importance of AI-based career planning

Taking the aid of AI is being backed by innumerable data points which enables an understanding of all education steams and professional avenues.AI when applied to the field of education helps in holistic assessment of personality traits and inborn talent and understanding one’s capabilities and realize them to one’s full potential. This is keeping in view the modern-day marketplace which is in search of high-performing talent. AI-based career planning helps in becoming an achiever in one chosen field of expertise. Banking on inherent talent gives an individual the right environment to flourish and become the best version of themselves. AI-based career choices also help in timely competency development without an approach driven by trial and error and have a definitive vision for the future. AI-based career planning helps to expand access to educational outcomes and facilitates advanced and efficient and improved access to work opportunities and long-term employment. AI-based insights help to connect aspirants to an ecosystem of schools, colleges, ed-tech, and career tech platforms channelizing the right talent with relevant upskilling and in turn, creating happy and efficient people. The marrying of self-discovery and an aspirant’s interests/ desires leads to potentially successful education and career streams and hence the formulation of a tailored career development plan which creates a pathway of growth and development of competencies, skill, and knowledge in the direction is of crucial importance. The AI-backed custom-crafted program gives the right enabling environment to counter fears and challenges.

Gilbert Gottlieb, an eminent neuroscientist argues that our genes require constant input from the environment to work properly and to their fullest potential.

Using your talents makes you a more productive individual with a greater capacity to contribute to the world through inborn gifts and lead one effortlessly towards a promising future. Making use of your talent in your professional sphere not only steers you towards success but makes the journey a joyful one!

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