Karunn Kandoi, General Manager & Head of India Operations, ApplyBoard India

Karunn Kandoi heads business operations for ApplyBoard- India and serves on its board along with other public limited Ed-tech companies. Karunn holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering and an MBA from the University of Washington. Before beginning his stint with ApplyBoard, Karunn was associated with Extramarks Education India Private Limited as the Director- Whole Time & President Global Business. Karunn founded Shree Eduserve and created the largest brand for learning English in India. 


The engineering curriculum has evolved significantly over the years as leaps in technology have been made. Pursuing engineering is no longer restricted to the mainstream fields of Electrical, Mechanical, and Computer Sciences. To adapt to the industry transformations and bridge the talent-skill gap, various innovations have been introduced so as to ensure that the engineering studies remain top-notch, up to date, and aligned with the present market needs and demands.

One of the remarkable trends that are taking place right now is rising popularity in Mechatronics and Robotics. This growth is being seen both at domestic and global levels. The impact of the pandemic over the past year, combined with lockdown and social distancing norms, economic instability, and surge in digital adoption has given the required push to the need for the introduction and adoption of more automation across industries. These factors also brought about a shift in the hiring process and in engineering studies with the sole aim to fulfill the industry needs of human resources who possess the required knowledge of the new-age technologies primarily Mechatronics and Robotics along with relevant industry-specific traits.

Mechatronics and Robotics: Emerging jobs of the future

Mechatronics forms the very core of the Robotics and manufacturing streams, and these are rising to be the most sought-after and go-to career options. Mechatronics combines the learnings of Mechanical, Electrical, and Computer Sciences to design, create and manage tech-savvy and smart machines that work and run efficiently for long hours. It blends elements of both Mechanical and Electrical fields and offers career avenues in industries like manufacturing, packaging of consumer goods, mining, aviation, transport, telecommunications, cybersecurity, etc. just to name a few.

Robotics on the other hand primarily offers skills in the design, production, execution, and operation of robots. Integrating fundamentals of both Electrical and Mechanical engineering, these courses offer career opportunities in profiles of Automation system engineers, robotics programmers, robotics technicians, automated product design engineers, robotics testers, robotics system engineers, etc. Additionally, one can also secure jobs in micro-robotics, digital electronics and microprocessors, medical robotics, signal processing, along with robot motion planning, and Computer-aided manufacturing markets.

Career prospects in Mechatronics and Robotics

Both Mechatronics and Robotics provide an extensive skillset to the students and professionals and extend knowledge of these emerging technologies along with high-end hands-on learning. They offer advanced courses of advanced manufacturing, autonomous robotic intelligent system, design engineering, engineering management for process excellence along with mechatronics and automation and empower learners technically for future jobs.

These are unique courses and are considered to have great career prospects considering that technology is slowly being an essential part of lives. They shape the learners holistically by offering balanced learning with a combination of requisite knowledge, practical exposure along with first-hand industry experience, and soft skills training. These courses not only prep up the students for the cut-throat competition in the market but also polish the expertise of the professionals by upskilling and reskilling them. They provide industry-ready professionals to the market who are not only skilled for future tech-related jobs and are tech-savvy but also possess problem-solving and quick decision-making capabilities, crisis management, analytical thinking abilities, and essential soft traits, be it managerial, leadership, or teamwork and team management qualities.

Students and professionals should opt for these courses as they come with various reputable career prospects and ensure that the learners are future-ready. They can explore job opportunities in technology or even corporate tech giants across industries. Supply chain management alone, which has gained heightened importance throughout the pandemic, will need the skills and expertise of both mechatronics and robotics specialists.

The jobs in Mechatronics and Robotics fields are high-end and satisfying, be it the kind of work, the job role assigned, the stature associated with them, or their salary structure. They are one of the impactful and in-demand jobs and will gain all the more prominence in the times ahead. The career prospects in these streams are vast and opting for these courses will additionally give a competitive edge to the talent over other resources in the hiring market.

Summing Up!

Both Mechatronics and Robotics are stepping to be an important element of the present times’ digitally-driven world. Considering the digital disruption is growing at a significant pace, these new-age technologies and jobs in these sectors will increasingly occupy a prominent position in the industry and will rise to be the top-most career prospects in the coming times. 

Bridging the talent-skill gap, these state-of-the-art fields are growing considerably, and pursuing studies in the arena of Mechatronics and Robotics will enable students to have a bright and secure future and will ensure that their career trajectory is always upwards.

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