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In the last 10 years, the number of international schools in India has more than doubled. Indian education is rapidly involving international institutions for education at all levels, from pre-primary to university. According to International Baccalaureate (IB) (IBO 2010), India is the 6th nation with the largest number of students enrolled in international schools under the IB curriculum.

Offering Primary Years Program (PYP), Middle Years Program (MYP), and the Diploma Program (DP) from the IBO, Mount Litera School International (MLSI) is an IB school that is truly international in its perspective. A school with great infrastructure and a big heart, education at MLSI is completely child-centred. Committed and dedicated to the student’s growth and learning, the teachers at MLSI aspire to bring out the best versions of their students.

Running a network of Zeelearn schools across the country, the founders wanted MLSI to be their flagship school, particularly an IB School, as the IB philosophy resonated with their personality. A co-ed day school, MLSI provides an outstanding education through its holistic-based pedagogy. Envisioning to meet the emotional, physical, creative, and intellectual needs of all the students within an international community, the school provides a friendly and family-like atmosphere that helps the students nurture and grow.

Educators at MLSI
MLSI teachers own qualifications that comply with the Maharashtra state requirements. The school conducts various internal professional development sessions, covering a wide range of topics from well-being to how to teach, approaches to teaching and learning, etc. The school also goes for official IB training, which is an essential factor, and also a part of its DNA, sharing the expertise within and across the school continuum.

Receiving laurels and appreciation for their out-of-the box teaching approach, MLSI’s Head, Mona Seervai was awarded the prestigious Iconic Leadership Award and felicitated by the Governor of Maharashtra at the virtual Teachers Day celebrations hosted by ISME in September 2020. The student-teacher ratio at MLSI is 1:12, where they have larger classes to offer diversity in teaching and small classes that concentrate more on giving individual attention.

An inclusive school, MLSI also houses a counsellor and a learning-support teacher on board. During the COVID 19 lockdown, the teachers at MLSI had explored various platforms and understood the technology themselves before they started online classes. Having supported the teachers with technology and Wi- Fi requirements to seamlessly integrate technology into the classrooms, MLSI regards COVID19 as a catalyst that pushed the school to bring out its best potential.

Having an extremely active PTA, MLSI involves parents into its formal structure. Hosting regular parent-teacher meetings, MLSI also invites parents as guest speakers to share their expertise in the classroom. Meanwhile, the class teachers remain in very close and constant touch with parents, making them involved in their child’s education.

Shaping Innovative Leaders of Tomorrow
Bringing out the best in every child in terms of character and making them global citizens through its teaching and learning processes, MLSI concerns itself with the holistic development of the child and ensure that children are respectful and kind to their teacher and one another. Giving equal importance to learning and performance, the school ensures that they can bring out the best in their student’s potential. The student is at the centre and the heart of the school, making them the point of focus at all times.

Helping students be more creative, the student council at MLSI has taken many initiatives and organized events within the schools, like Open Mic Night, where the students get a chance to showcase their talents to the school, weekly workout sessions for the students, and a podcast, where topics like stress during lockdown and awareness about mental health are covered.

Believing that all students are achievers, MLSI doesn’t like singling out any student or group of students at any time. The students at MLSI excel to the best of their abilities, and the lockdown due to the pandemic outbreak has given them the freedom to be who they are, along with the school’s teaching and learning, which is at pace with their students’.

They are encouraged to take part in inter-school events not just for the prize, but for interacting with other schools and the ensuing experience. Believing in giving importance to educating the heart as well as the mind, MLSI has an atmosphere where the students support each other.

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