Daljeet Arora, Educator

As a teacher, Ms Daljeet thinks that education has the power to transform lives. Teaching not only broadens one’s horizons but also enriches and enriches our lives as individuals. Everyone can benefit from education for the rest of their lives. For a few years, she worked in the media industry. Currently, she is a Grade 1 English literature teacher at a well-known school.


Technology has an impact on a wide range of sectors. The school has realised the value of incorporating technology into its ecology. Previously, our teachers stood in the front row, using a blackboard and chalk to conduct lessons. They would open readers and read to us, with the expectation that everyone would understand. However, the entire scenario has shifted as a result of the pandemic. We no longer have teachers who simply open up readers and read to us to teach us uninteresting concepts.

Technology, on the other hand, has radically altered education in many ways. For one thing, technological advancements have considerably increased educational opportunities. Previously, a learner had to rely on good texts, which were scarce and only available to a select few. There are numerous videos and MOOCs accessible for learners to study today. Learning through technology is not only entertaining but also educational. From the comfort of one’s own home, one can learn at one’s own pace through videos, photos, podcasts, and blogs.

Educators can now interact and communicate outside of classrooms thanks to technological advancements. We can communicate with learners and educators who are not in our immediate area. Any sort of communication and collaboration is now feasible thanks to technological advancements. Imagine having to show our students A Farm or A museum. We can virtually communicate with them. Not only the educators, the learners too can collaborate. Students can use technology-based platforms like wikis and Google Docs to work on group assignments. Classroom walls are no longer a barrier, as technology allows for new ways of learning, communicating, and collaborating.

With the Internet’s global reach and the widespread availability of smart gadgets that can connect to it, a new era of any time, anywhere education is on the horizon.

Technology is a powerful instrument that can help and improve education in a variety of ways, from making it easier for teachers to generate instructional materials to allowing individuals to learn and collaborate in new ways.

Teachers are experimenting with technology to generate their own educational resources, such as replacing PowerPoint presentations with ebooks. Educators like assessing pupils with game-based quizzes. So far, technology has had an impact on learners by increasing their interest.

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