Afshin Riazi, Managing Director, Specktron

As per the statistics published by HolonIQ, education was a digital laggard with less than 4 per cent of overall expenditure allocated to digital, presenting a serious challenge given the scale of what is to come. However, the global education system is in a rapid state of digital transformation as students and faculty get accustomed to the new way of learning and teaching. Afshin Riazi, Managing Director of Specktron, who has more than 25+ years of business and leadership experience in the IT/AV market in the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Europe and Australia, says, “Technology has been at the forefront during these challenging times and has been instrumental in the continuity of education during this pandemic. Traditional modes of teaching and learning have taken efforts to move to remote learning and teaching.” 

Technology has provided learning continuity in many situations when students cannot be physically present in their classrooms. However, it has not been accessible to many in countries with low and middle-income sectors. Specktron, being an innovative and leading audio-visual technology company that offers an extensive range of products and solutions for various environments such as meeting rooms, presentations, classrooms, and living rooms, has responded well to the pandemic. Afshin Riazi shares, “At Specktron, we have introduced a variety of new entry models to address the issue without compromise in our offerings.”  

Specktron has improved its offerings by adding a wide range of products to support the education industry. Some of the most popular products include all-in-one Interactive Displays, Professional Signage, Laser Projectors, and Whiteboards. The company has also partnered with leading software providers that integrate seamlessly with its products offering schools and universities access to multilingual content and curriculum. “With the rise of technology adoption in educational institutions, challenges have come in the way as well, like teacher readiness, access to digital resources and support devices, and support for students at home. We offer online programs to train all our partners through webinars and address these challenges,” points out Afshin Riazi.

Making Life Simple 

Specktron was established in 2011 to introduce high quality, reliable, and competitive products targeted at the education sector. Since then, we have come a long way by expanding our offerings in Displays, projectors, LED, and signage’s for various verticals. “Over the years, we have enabled multiple industries with seamless solutions for classrooms, meeting rooms which have exceptionally benefited during this pandemic,” says Afshin Riazi. 

From the onset, Specktron’s prime focus has been on building quality products and solutions. With these attributes in mind, the company has progressed and are now widely accepted by customers. In the last few years, Specktron has established itself as a leading brand in the EMEA region. “Customers across verticals are quite aware of what they want. The success of our business is largely dependent on the way our customers perceive us,” pinpoints Afshin Riazi. 

The team at Specktron has taken steps to enhance the customer experience by mapping the buyer journey and providing tailored content to various verticals like the Education Industry. An example of this would be Email Marketing. “We send out monthly tips to our customers on how they can use Specktron Displays for Remote Teaching. Some of the tools we use are Re-target marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Tailored content marketing, Video Marketing, Social Media, and Pay per Click Marketing,” explains Afshin Riazi.

Specktron believes in creating a future-driven culture and values employee feedback and opinion to encourage autonomy at work. This, in turn, helps their employees grow and function as a team. They are looking for candidates who are energetic, talented, and passionate about their work and should be team players, flexible, creative, andfocused on the company’s end goal. Looking ahead, Specktron is looking to provide large LED display solutions that can be connected to their interactive screens in auditoriums and conference halls.

With the challenges that the education sector faces, Specktron’s prime focus is to improve the lines of communication between teachers and students. Sharing of ideas, social engagement, and online activities will be at the forefront of Specktron’s offered solutions. Selecting the right technology partner can make a huge difference. It’s not always about having a great brand or product but the seamless implementation and practical use that makes the difference. “To execute a flawless solution within your premises, EdTech companies should have relevant years of experience in implementing technology and the know-how of what technology is right for you,” concludes Afshin Riazi.

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