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‘The Class of One’, an online-only school, commemorated World Health Day with the theme of ‘A Healthy and Balanced diet’ to promote a nutrition-rich and balanced diet for good health and betterment of children. The TCO1 teachers organised the event to encourage children to adopt healthy food habits and a healthier lifestyle.

As the pandemic hit the whole world, raising serious concerns about people’s dietary choices, TCO1 is committed to spreading awareness about the prevalence of health issues and the necessity to endorse a balanced diet to equip children who might face unprecedented challenges in the future and prepare them for a better tomorrow.

Healthy discussions took place between students and teachers about food and the nutritional value of various food items while eating during the lunch break. Students reflected upon their food choices and mulled over the importance of quality living and good health.

Expressing her views, Divya Jain, Director & Founder, The Class of One, said, “World Health Day is an important day to remind ourselves about the most important thing that we neglect the most is our health. We organised the World Health Day event to educate children that health comes first and what choices they should make to keep themselves fit and fine. Our theme was ‘A Healthy and Balanced Diet’, in which teachers advocated why it is necessary to go for healthy food choices instead of fatty and fried food. Events such as these allow us to have erudite interactions with our students on important topics other than the prescribed syllabi and school subjects. We will continue to organise activities that promote student engagement and strengthen our bond with them.”

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