Manashi Kumar, Business Director, Genius Inside

As a corporate leader and HR strategist, Manashi has been managing businesses and personnel throughout her career, with a focus on creating winning teams and successful organizations. In her current position as Founding Business Director at Genius Inside, she brings in the talent and organizational skills to enhance lives by supporting them in their journey of self-development and discovery. She will be responsible for onboarding great coaches, mentors and highly successful individuals, to share and give real-time direction and formulas for success to the community.


The Learning & Development Industry has evolved drastically from its origin in the early 1990s. It has witnessed the biggest shift in everything from the training methods to the mode of communication and more. The expansion of the IT and Technology industries was one of the key factors in this growth. The demand for a skilled workforce has been on a constant rise for decades. With the growth of AI and Machine learning, many industries are exploring beyond traditional methods and adapting to the blooming advancements of new technologies.

With the ongoing pandemic, the job market has been dynamic. The working patterns, people, and organizations are pivoting harder to digital techniques now more than ever. On-demand learning is much faster for generating quick results and in the process, they are picking up new skills which will further aid their growth. Most essential skills include computer and communication skills, problem-solving, and well-versed organizational skills.

The enhancement of existing skillsets helps increase self-confidence, improve marketability and competitiveness to become more resourceful, and help increase job prospects. The digital space has increased opportunities for individuals but is also increasing competition and demand to grab new opportunities. Whether it is a student, professionals, or teachers, they all seek quicker and accessible forms of digital learning formats that will help make the transformation easier.

As the job market rises the demand for technology has increased. As per recent reports, close to 1 billion jobs have been transformed by technology, one can only imagine what level of skills are needed to continue disrupting and be future-ready. The commencement of automation along with artificial intelligence and robotics causing a broader impact on jobs, skills, and wages. Although technology improves the growth of the economy and improves the standard of living. For example, from an employment perspective, organizations have embraced and invested in new upskilling and reskilling solutions as most businesses have had to pivot towards new ways of operating. The rising unemployment figures across the world show us just how crucial it is for professionals to have readily available and financially feasible opportunities to either strengthen their skillsets or retrain for different careers.

This has been a major driving factor for professionals and students to sign up for learning and development platforms. Learning and development platforms help individuals like us to upskill and develop new skills which are beneficial for our personal and professional lives, especially during the second half of 2020. One can’t ignore the visible need for more on-demand and digital learning experiences which have been further pushed by the pandemic. The best way to become more successful in the 21st century is by learning new skill sets in our desired fields. Upskilling does not only help in new career opportunities but also in upgrading our skills to reach our career goals in the most professional way possible. Upgrading our skill set is highly valued and is seen as a requirement for many employers.

Most jobs are constantly changing their dynamics and adapting as their field grows. For entrepreneurs, development comes from future-proofing their business. They need to audit what skills they presently acquire in the company and what skills need to be increased for high productivity. Therefore, both employers and employees must be up-to-date and adaptable to the trends and developments in their field as there are multiple platforms available for their guidance.

The Learning & Development Industry will always be crucial for transformation and even businesses. Learning has played an important role in developing the process of building a business from its core foundation to set its roots with proper allocation of technology, team building and innovative planning. These skills make up the key element of every organization and are essential.

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