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Eric Wei is the Sr. Sales Director of ViewSonic Asia Pacific. He has been a part of the ICT (Information and Communications Technology) industry for over 18 years. Prior to accepting the role as Sr. Sales Director of ViewSonic he was associated with BenQ for more than eight years as their Senior Manager for Market Development.


Digital evolution in the education sector has been making rapid strides and is anticipated to accelerate magnificently. Consequently, the teaching-learning methodology has evolved with technological advancements and has led to a tremendous transformation from teacher-centred education to student-centred education. 

In India, a ‘Smart Class’ is an evolving concept and a new vision in the education sector. Furthermore, the hybrid model is becoming more recognizable, leading to virtual classrooms and various innovative online tools giving the feel of a classroom-type experience.

The smart classroom is an innovative and technology-equipped classroom embedded with a computer, audio-visual equipment, and a smart interactive whiteboard. The education sector has progressed in the past five to six years. As a result, it is more inclined toward user-friendly technology or products which can strengthen and improvise the smart education system in India. 

Some essential tools to enhance the experience include

Manage resources in the cloud – 

With smart classes and digital learning gaining traction, it is imperative to have an integrated platform to store all the resources. Furthermore, the cloud storage feature is becoming an added benefit for educators and students, allowing for easy access from anywhere, as well as efficiency in synchronising and updating. 

Video-Assisted Learning – 

This method has proven to be more influential in creating an interactive and dynamic learning environment. As smart classes are booming, interactive whiteboards are becoming more prevalent in enhancing engagement amongst educators and learners. Similarly, it is essential to develop education-based technology to improvise the current techniques.

Game-Based Learning Methodology – 

Gamification is gaining new momentum in the education system. Teachers engage their students in education-based games such as quizzes and puzzles to promote critical thinking skills and augment interactive sessions, making learning fun. 

Visual Experience –

People respond quickly and remember things through pictures, therefore, increasing engagement and retention. To make the experience more productive, tech-enabled products become an integral part of the education ecosystem. Interactive displays available in various sizes is adopted in schools and institutes. The product drives a concrete methodology for learning, from being compatible with multiple users in one go-to logging in from anywhere and accessing and sharing files.

For instance, product such as digital whiteboard is imperative in creating such experience. A digital whiteboard device enables educators to connect their students via video upgrading towards more clarity. 

Platforms to support learning – 

Adopting towards new mode of learning, there are various platforms that offer ample number of tools and features to enhance the learning experience for the students. These platforms make teaching easier for the educators as well and makes learning a hassle- free process. Various collaborative software are also helping to enhance the teaching and learning experience. Embedded with efficient features such as file sharing, chat, video conferencing, easy management of documents, and managing classroom activities, it offers an intuitive and immersive experience.

Other Smart Class Products – 

It is also important to dwell on a product which can offer features such as screen casting, throwing, & mirroring between devices and further providing an active learning environment. With evolved technologies such as virtual and augmented reality,  these build an interactive learning platform which further improves teaching and learning methodology.

Some of the benefits of Smart Classes are-  

Increased Access to Learning 

Various smart classroom products and solutions, imply that easy access to learning attracts more students from a wider range of locations. Additionally, technology video sharing option for an active learning environment, screen-casting, throwing, & mirroring between devices upgrades the learning methods.

Help students understand the topic better

Teachers in the age of smart classes help students understand concepts more clearly by assimilating audio-visual information and using tools such as PowerPoint presentations, word documents, audio sessions, video screenings, and images.

It is extremely crucial to develop and modernize education in India. With each passing day, online learning is becoming better than the traditional classroom experience. To strengthen the smart classroom concept, it is necessary to create an engaging, interactive, and effective environment which is of utmost importance to enlarge the product portfolio. Smart tools will bring quality education to students by helping them grow, develop skills and build better concepts. It will also allow teachers to continue teaching and inspiring their students to learn, regardless of their location and the current situation.  

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