Kiran Dham, CEO, Globus Infocom Ltd.

Kiran Dham, CEO, Globus Infocom Limited, has been leading Globus Infocom Limited for the past 10 years and has successfully turned the organization into a well-established, trusted, Make in India brand in the technology industry. Globus Infocom Limited is an industry leader for past 20 years in the field of Education technology. Today, Kiran has been the guiding force behind establishing a loyal and diverse client base including esteemed Government organizations, Educational Institutes, Universities, PSUs, Defence establishments, and many more.


The education sector has witnessed various disruptions. Due to the pandemic-induced digital adoption, ed-tech platforms enabled educational institutions to continue the learning process in the online space without compromising on the studies of the students. While the educators struggled to use digital tools, the shift from physical learning to virtual classrooms was challenging for the students to cope with. This was also the time when ed-tech platforms emerged as a blessing in disguise and enabled remote learning.

Technology revamping the education sector

A year and a half later, online learning has witnessed a surge and hybrid learning has become the new fad. Technology has now become synonymous with the education sector. It has ushered in a new era of the segment and has made it all the more engaging and interactive. Not only the educational methodologies but even the attendance, examinations, assignment submission, and evaluation, all are conducted in the digital space whilst leveraging the power of technology. Education has also become flexible as students can learn at their pace and convenience. Now, they can also indulge in interactive and immersive educational experiences by learning through a variety of content formats.

Owing to technological advancements, education has also become collaborative. On the online forums, subject matter experts can discuss and debate with students on specific topics, review syllabus, and plan assessments to enhance the process of teaching. Digital transformation has given a new dimension to the education industry and has reduced the limitations of time and geographical locations. The students and teachers can be a part of virtual classrooms even while being miles apart!

The future of education sector: High-tech and high-touch

As digital transformation continues to disrupt the sector, it is anticipated that technology will contribute in driving the growth of the sector in the times to come! The use of targeted digital solutions will surge all the more in the times ahead. What is also noteworthy is that the future of the education sector is not just high-tech but high-touch as well.

High-tech high-touch learning is a new-age method that combines adaptive technology with personalized technology. This will further pave the way for offering personalized learning experiences to the students, boost their socio-emotional growth as well as will ensure that they are able to cultivate high-order skills. This methodology will enable students to first understand and remember the content while adapting to the pace of each student. Teachers would then be able to leverage the data from the adaptive system to personalize their educational support for the learners. This way the educators will be able to help students in gathering the must-have skills of problem-solving, critical thinking, teamwork, leadership, management as well as hands-on learning.

Summing up!

To recover smoothly from the damage inflicted by the pandemic and seamlessly transition into the post-COVID era, we can benefit from the best of both worlds. This approach of high-tech high-touch that combines the power of technology with the social aspect of the classroom will help high-tech working to amalgamate with high-touch aspect.

The education sector gained momentum during the global pandemic crisis and the credit for this can solely be attributed to technology especially the ed-tech platforms. Digital solutions enabled the segment to deal with unforeseen challenges and helped it survive the turbulent times. Tech-hesitant teachers eventually became tech-savvy. Students that used to run away from studying were now enjoying the learning experiences due to the engaging tools and interactive methods. While technology revamped the education sector at unimaginable levels, its integration will be such that the future of the education segment will not be just high-tech but high-touch as well!

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