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The new education revolution is about digitization and stepping up with reality technologies. These technologies are making education more practical and experiential, increasing the student’s immersive experience. The change in market dynamics and lack of competing products in the market presented an opportunity for Subbarao Siddabattula, Ilangovel Thulasimani, and Charu Noheria, which led them to come up with 3rdFlix.

Founded in 2013, 3rdFlix came into life bringing with it an extensive cumulated experience of its founders, who have launched multiple successful products across the globe. In 2018, Bhanupriya Vaddiparthi, an IIT/Kellogg alumnus, joined them to lead their marketing and branding efforts. Having a story for its name, 3rdFlix is a combination where ‘Flix’ represents the cinematic experience the founders aspire to give, and 3rd represents the 3rd venture of the founding team. With a mission to democratize learning to help millions across the globe, 3rdFlix started its B2C journey by launching its product, ‘Practically’.

One of its kind, Practically delivers 3D stereoscopic immersive video content, 3D simulations, AR modules, and five levels of assessment in numerous learning modules that are seamlessly integrated into an application. Practically can be used by teachers in schools and students at home on any device. The experiential content along with other teaching material can be used by schools to explain a particular topic or concept in the classroom. 

Offering a platform for interactive learning, Practically comes with rich in-content resources, especially the non-teacher-led immersive and fully animated videos, simulations, and AR models act as interactive tools to bridge the gap in areas that are challenging for students to understand. Practically’s ideal target segment is students from the 6th to 12th grades, offering a freemium model for the users, at prices affordable for their users.

Providing an immersive learning experience for students and helping teachers explain concepts effectively. Practically provides gamified learning experiences for students to make learning fun and engaging. Vouching for the app’s brilliance, Meluha International School says, “We recommend schools to use Practically and witness the change for themselves”.

An innovative product Practically is something that has not been seen in the market so far. Over the decades, education in developed parts of the world has seen dramatic transformation by making it more simplified, practical, innovative, and stress-less. As the Industrial Revolution 4.0 is all set to occur in a big way soon, the education sector may experience its influence in a major way. Transforming learning experiences for students across the globe, Practically is on its way to reshaping the way the world learns and helping the change be smooth-sailing for the students.

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