Piya Marker, Director - Head of School, The Aditya Birla Integrated School

1. Realistic expectations

Every parent has dreams and aspirations for their child and you are no different. It is absolutely necessary to ensure that your child is able to maximise his potential. You will need to define that potential so that you are able to guide him with realistic expectations.

2. Prioritise Goals

While you prepare your child for the real world, be sure to prioritise what your child needs to achieve first. Do not be in a hurry. He will achieve it all. Just ensure the steps are planned out and goals are prioritised. Do not try to achieve it all at once

3. Work on Strengths

Do not remain fixated on only the child’s academic problems. Every child has unique strengths and abilities. In today’s world, professions are available in varied fields so look beyond the usual paths and find avenues that would allow your child to shine.

4. Play with a Motive

Activities that help in maintaining skills, be it Fine motor skills through art, craft, Lego, playdoh etc. or Gross motor skills through skipping, dancing, playing twister etc. are great ways to work on skills through play. Use therapy goals and modify them into fun activities to engage the child constructively

5. Give yourself and your kid a break

You do not need to achieve it all in one day. It is perfectly alright to have a day or a few when you do not do anything and do not achieve a goal. Even leisure activities have a great therapeutic effect. So take a break, guilt free!


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