Henry Motte-Munoz, Founder & CEO, EDGE Tutor International

Henry Motte-Muñoz, the founder of Edukasyon.ph, the Philippines’ leading EdTech platform with over 10 million visitors, also serves as the Founder and CEO of EDGE Tutor. He earned his MBA at Harvard Business School through a scholarship from Bain Capital, graduating with distinction in 2013. Acknowledged for his societal contributions as a social entrepreneur, Henry has received numerous prestigious awards, including the 2017 ASEAN Social Entrepreneurship Award, Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia Social Entrepreneurs, 2015 Asia Society 21 Young Leaders, and the 2012 Harvard Business School Social Enterprise Institute – Summer Fellow.


In today’s rapidly advancing world, the educational landscape grapples with a widening disparity in educational outcomes, a challenge with far-reaching consequences on labor markets, income distribution, and overall societal development. Addressing this challenge requires innovative educational interventions. While edtech has expanded access to education, high-dosage tutoring (HDT) emerges as a highly effective and personalized solution to bridge the educational divide.

The Power of High-Dosage Tutoring

High-dosage tutoring, an intensive one-to-one or small group tutoring approach, has shown remarkable promise in helping students accelerate their learning in an individualized manner.

Research, notably by the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), underscores the effectiveness of HDT, especially when integrated with in-classroom learning. Moreover, a study from the University of Chicago Education Lab revealed that intensive tutoring significantly enhances math learning in high school, elevates student grades, and reduces course failures.

The key factor contributing to the success of high-dosage tutoring is personalization. In smaller settings, tutors can tailor their teaching approach to effectively address specific learning gaps. Additionally, the close-knit environment allows for a more personal connection between the tutor and the students. For struggling students, the personalized attention fosters confidence and engagement, promoting a more enriching learning experience.

The Cost Barrier and the Accessible Solution

Despite the undeniable benefits of HDT, its high cost limits accessibility. Efforts are underway to make HDT affordable and accessible to more learners, reducing the gap in learning outcomes and aiding recovery from learning loss.

The solution hinges on providing high-quality, high-dosage tutoring services with an exceptional customer experience at significantly reduced costs. By recruiting licensed teachers from emerging markets, starting with the Philippines’ vast pool of teachers, a rigorous selection and onboarding process is ensured.

Continuous training empowers these educators to teach English and Math to students globally, effectively bridging literacy and math gaps. By connecting learners with qualified tutors overseas, the initiative not only enhances educational outcomes but also provides a sustainable source of income to a diverse group of educators around the world. This hybrid system offers flexible home-based work, leading to a substantial increase in teachers’ income and an improved overall quality of life.

Furthermore, collaboration with existing tutoring initiatives worldwide, providing tutors, curriculum, and software solutions for seamless live classes, booking, and payments, enhances the reach and impact of high-dosage tutoring services, ensuring a more extensive network of learners benefit from this impactful educational intervention.

Empowering Learners and Teachers Alike

At the heart of the mission is to empower both learners and educators. This approach has garnered significant approval, with 95% of learners highly recommending it.

Understanding the critical role that joy and engagement play in long-term educational progress, instilling a sense of joy in the learning experience motivates learners to embrace education wholeheartedly, setting the stage for lifelong learning and growth.

The commitment is to disrupt the traditional educational paradigm by making high-dosage tutoring accessible to a broader demographic, fostering equality in education, and creating a brighter future for learners worldwide.

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