Shahnaz Husain, Founder, Chairperson and Managing Director, Shahnaz Husain Group

Shahnaz Husain, Founder, Chairperson and Managing Director of the Shahnaz Husain Group, who, herself took the Indian herbal heritage across the globe and has received international acclaim for pioneering the Herbal beauty care movement and taking the Indian herbal heritage of Ayurveda worldwide. Her brand is the first Herbal care and cure clinic brand in India to now own over 400 franchises over the world. In 2006, she was awarded the prestigious Padma Shri, the fourth highest civilian award, by the Government of India for her contribution to the fields of trade and industry.



Education or talent, which one of the two is more likely to make a person succeed in an individual’s life and career? It indeed is an arduous question to deliberate upon. Unquestionably, some people can have both attributes of being immensely talented and highly educated at the same time. This would only mean that such people would have the pertinent knowledge for the work they are involved in and would also do the same work seamlessly. However, can we say that possessing just one of the two virtues can help an individual navigate through life and find better career? Well, arguably it would really depend on the circumstances and the effort an individual is willing to put in towards a career and therefore there is not a single correct answer.

Education can equip an individual with all the tools that one needs to prepare for their life experiences and develop a better future for themselves. Talent is an individual’s natural aptitude or innate skill in a particular activity. Well it debatable to assume that one is more important than the other because both education and talent have their significance in an individual’s life. Both of them are determinative of how one’s life will turn out to be in terms of their intellect, perspective, financial stability, and social standing. With an increasingly progressive society, education has become mandatory for everyone. But that necessarily does not mean that optimum opportunity is being imparted to real talent. Although picking between education and talent in terms of their importance is definitely difficult, but the coincident effect of both can have tremendous outcomes in an individual’s life and career. Nonetheless, let’s break it out which one has an edge over the other.

Why is talent so important?

Talent can make things naturally easy

Being talent with a skill set that is consonance with the task will undoubtedly make things easier as it would be far more interesting and self indulging for someone who has an innate ability for the job. The mental exhaustion of a person having talent for a particular job will be far menial and efficiency a lot more than a person who is just working with having a knack for it. A talented person will always stay motivated for his or her job as they will indefinitely stay invested in what they do. Having an intrinsic penchant helps the individual to find purpose in their world which could be more than just earning a living out of it.

Talent increases productivity

People with talent for the job will always choose to do smart work over hard work which makes it easier for them. This is why people with talent are the prime drivers of a team for a project. This is why many companies nowadays have a talent management department that helps them to attract, select and retain highly talented employees. This helps the department to close skill gaps in a team because they can gauge individuals who have the right aptitude and temperament that can fit a particular required skill.

Talent can get task done by lesser number of people

Imagine an organization hiring individual’s on the basis of how well they are naturally capable of undertaking their work instead of relying on just there educational qualifications. Would not it mean that the organization would require just a handful of talented people vested with the required ability to make a huge difference? In fact it often seen that 80 per cent of the jobs can be accomplished by only 20 per cent of the individuals belonging to the talented pool. This is also because individuals who are highly educated have a tendency to work harder in order to do the work precisely. On the other hand, talented individuals can undertake the same faster and productively.

Why is education so important?

Education will help build the required foundation

Being gifted with a specific skill set is of no use unless and until the person hones the skill set and acquires the adequate knowledge behind the subject matter. This is where education will take a front seat. Education can help in explaining different techniques and phenomena, which can assist an individual, acquire different range of skills. Basically, education will give the person who is already gifted, with certain tools using which the person can manage his job and control his resources effectively. To exhibit the highest levels of talent, a person needs the relevant mentors and needs to learn of the best opportunity. Basically, education will give the required platform to help showcase the talent without much hassle.

Education can provide career opportunities

Not everyone is born talented and therefore education becomes so important for everyone. At best education will definitely ensure that a person ends up with an employment, which is important for one’s sustenance. Moreover, in today’s time education will help in keeping up with the progressive world. Technology is advancing everyday and updating oneself irrespective of how talented or less talented an individual is. Further, confidence comes when a person is able to fortify their ideas, present it in a coherent manner and is able to build more upon them. This is what education helps in achieving. Further, a person is apprised of their rights and duties if they have education. And this way, an educated person can shape a better society and create new innovations.


When you read or come across a successful person, you would notice that they achieve their accomplishments with an integrated outcome of both their inherent liking, work ethics and formal knowledge. This is to say that talent is definitely an imperative factor in succeeding and securing contentment in their jobs as well. Additionally, there are lots of talents who have reached great heights in their lives without formal education. However, education would have definitely made them understand their own abilities so much better and acquire requisite techniques to polish their talent.

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