Aman Mittal, Vice President, Lovely Professional University

Mr. Aman Mittal is the Vice President at Lovely Professional University (LPU), one of the leading educational institutes recognized globally for its innovative, collaborative, and consistent transformative approach. He is a multi-faceted personality spearheading various verticals such as International Education, Information Technology, Growth, Marketing, Public Relations, and Entrepreneurship along with overlooking the overall affairs at the university. Adding to it, he is also responsible for roles such as Program Design and Implementation, Team Development and Facilitation along with Crisis Management and Prevention as well as Communication Planning at the university.


International universities are a dream when it comes to any student living in India. Every student in their hearts wants to study abroad, especially in the developed countries. It is an opportunity where one can interact with people belonging to different nationalities, races, ethnicities, cultures and religions. At the same time receiving world class education and exposure to highly advanced life where you can do anything at a click away is what every student wants to experience. It is the place where you can blend into any academic and vocational course of your choice. It’s an experience of a lifetime where one can get the opportunity to be taught by leading academics and experts who can tailor your skills and interest. 

According to an international student survey, high quality teaching and availability of scholarships were the two most important parameters of what students wanted in an international institute. Studying in any international university will expose you to the world, you can experience the country and its people and their standard of life and how different it is from your own country. You can learn the new changes; you can incorporate those changes into your wellbeing. Changes can encompass new customs, activities and values. At the same the exposure to world class education, quality teaching and highly advanced classroom experience will shape your persona and will inspire your growth. One of the defining experiences that you will encounter in international universities while applying, is that you won’t see people getting admission based on caste, class and race. In these universities, there are no caste-based reservations. Though there are certain merit-based scholarships available to those students who are competent and deserving can apply for them once they have been accepted.

Before applying to any international university, one must be prepared to appear and conduct himself/herself in foreign setup. These are the points one must acquire before applying to any International university:

  1. Excellent academic record ensures and enhances the possibility of your admission in any top international institute. 
  2. Research abilities, one must have good researching abilities that will help the student to thrive in a university. 
  3. A strong interest in the course’s topic: Students must show enthusiasm for the subject they are studying. A personal achievement, extracurricular activities, and an independent extended interest in a subject that goes beyond what is necessary in the classroom can all help to demonstrate this. Students should demonstrate how learning in and out of the classroom relates to their chosen course.
  4. You need to have an inquisitive mind. A questioning mind. In student applications, almost all university admissions authorities (91%) search for evidence of a curious mind. Also a positive approach toward studying, an interest in your topic, and the capacity to think and operate independently.
  5.  A strong and powerful statement of purpose that will invoke why you want this particular university and what inspired you to move beyond your native country. You will have to share your experiences and events that played a role in the development of your personality. 
  6. Language diversity, excellent communication skills and apt vocabulary is what you need before applying to any university. One must learn them beforehand because they play an instrumental role in the successful application. 
  7. An optimistic outlook towards learning: Students must show that they are willing to put in the effort – which they aren’t only applying to university for the social scene, but that they will be able to handle the demands of their chosen degree and thrive at a higher level of study.

Summing Up!

You’re ready to embrace your exciting new reality, with a little time set aside to explore, make friends, and rack up a lot of interesting experiences, now that you have an arsenal of important skills for undergrads in your pocket. Even if it may be the major reason for your migration, studying abroad is about much more than the education you will acquire. Whether you visit Germany, Italy, Spain, or any of a number of other culturally diverse nations, you will be able to extend your horizons in ways you never imagined.

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